John Buck
John's Club Report
Covering The Pensacola Hawg Hunters
2008 Season

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Founded In 1975

Apalachicola River
Total Fish Caught 115
Total Dead Fish 1
Total Limits 15
Big Fish
Total Fish Weight 144.61 lbs

Total Year Standings
Total Fish Caught 571
Total Dead Fish 30
Total Limits 62
Big Fish
Total Fish Weight 842.99 lbs
Place Name Fish Weight
1. Bill Myrick 10 13.74
2. Ron Fairbanks 10 13.34
3. Mack Cramer 10 13.00
4. Dave Dyess 10 12.66
5. Frank Kelly 10 12.49
6. Bob Hanson 9 10.48
7. Dave Bock 6 10.11
8. Jeff Weaver 8 9.56

Big Fish Winner

Dave Bock
2.61 lbs
October Tournament

*** Tournament Winner ***
Bill Myrick
10 Fish - 13.74 lbs
Place Name Fish Weight
9. Danny Lopez 7 9.31
10. Tony Boyett 6 7.88
11. Ken Repine 6 6.90
12. Dan Nash 6 6.77
13. Jim Bailey Sr 6 5.98
14. Lee Brannon 4 4.79
15. John Buck 3 3.97
16. Jere Jaillite 3 3.63

Big Fish Of The Year
Bob Hanson
4.16 lbs

Place Name Fish Weight
1. Bill Myrick 10 13.74
2. Mack Cramer 10 13.00
3. Dave Dyess 10 12.66
4. Frank Kelly 10 12.49
5. Jeff Weaver 8 9.56
October Fish Off Tournament
Big Fish Day 1
Dave Bock
2.61 lbs
Big Fish Day 2
John Buck
1.87 lbs

Place Name Fish Weight
6. Ken Repine 6 6.90
7. Jim Bailey Sr 6 5.98
8. Lee Brannon 4 4.79
9. John Buck 3 3.97
10. Jere Jaillite 3 3.63
The Presidents Dinner
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OCTOBER 18/19, 2008

The Apalachicola River was the site for our yearly fish-off tournament. We had 16 members fishing. The weather was nice but very windy as a cold front passed through the evening before. Lows were in upper 50's and the highs were near 80. High blue skies with high winds made fishing tough for some and great for others. Water temps were in the mid 70's and the clarity ranged from muddy to very clear depending on whether you were in slow running lakes or in the pouring creeks and river channels.

I drew out behind Jere Jailite for the weekend. I had to work on Friday but Jere went down to pre-fish. As you might expect with a front approaching fish were biting almost everywhere. We had discussed a possible plan and Jere followed that plan and covered the waters we wanted to check out. His efforts proved beneficial for us in that some of our major places were unfishable on Saturday and Sunday due to the high winds.
We found a few fish in a backwater creek that had clear water. We also found numerous grinnel. Our few bass came on junebug u-tail worms.
Jere had one fish and I had two for the day. At the weigh in we found that many guys had found fish in good numbers. Billy Myrick and Dave Bock brought nice limits each to the scales. They were fishing in the lower delta and caught fish on worms, spinners, and crank baits.
Dave had the lunker for Saturday @ 2.61 lbs. However we all know what happens to the leader on Sunday…...
On Saturday night we held our annual steak cook out.
The club provided steaks, salad, and baked potatoes for everyone. The cost for this was covered by our "special fund". Dave Dyess was the organizer for the event and he gathered and brought all the food items. I brought the grill which Dave donated last year to the club. The steaks were excellent quality and everyone ate their fill. Many stories were told and lies swapped during this social time.
A special thanks to Dave for his efforts and to all the others who lent a hand in this special event.

Day two found cooler temps in the morning and a brisk wind to accompany the high blue skies. Most of us knew that Sunday would be tougher fishing than Saturday. However several member didn't learn that and still returned to the scales with limits of fish. Billy Myrick brought another nice limit to the scales to get the win. His partner Dave Bock faded and only managed 1 keeper. Mack Cramer, Frank Kelly and Ron Fairbanks all made a charge for the win but Myrick was able to hold them off. The final standings for the tournament were as follows. 1st Billy Myrick @ 13.74 lbs, 2nd Ron Fairbanks @ 13.34 lbs, 3rd Mack Cramer @ 13.00 lbs, 4th Dave Dyess @ 12.66 lbs. John Buck had the lunker for Sunday @ 1.87 lbs

This is actually 2 tournaments in one and payout goes to the top 10 finishers. The fish-off results are as follows: 1st Billy Myrick 13.74 lbs, 2nd Mack Cramer 13.00 lbs, 3rd Dave Dyess @12.66 lbs, 4th Frank Kelly @ 12.49 lbs, 5th Jeff Weaver @ 9.56 lbs, 6th Ken Repine @ 6.90 lbs,
7th Jim Bailey Sr @ 5.98 lbs, 8th Lee Brannon @ 4.79 lbs, 9th John Buck @ 3.97 lbs, 10th Jere Jailite @ 3.63 lbs.

In the run for Fisherman of the Year we had a "first ever occurrence". The top two fishermen wound up in a tie for the top honor and a tie breaker had to be used to make the call. John Buck and Mack Cramer wound up with exactly 201 points each. Once the tie breaker was initiated John Buck came out the winner. This was the first time in the history (over 30 years) of the Hawg Hunters that this has ever happened.

I want to take a minute to thank all who help in so many different ways to help make this year a successful one. I won't try to name names for fear of leaving someone out, you guys know who you are and I truly thank you. Special thanks again to Jim Bailey for providing the website and for the up keep and running of the site. Webmaster is a time-consuming job. We truly appreciate all of your efforts Jim.

A special reminder of the November meeting and tournament…please note the early times due to the holidays…. Meeting Nov 12, and the tournament is Nov 15, also don't forget the awards banquet on December 5 at 6PM at Cock of the Walk. We'll need to get a head count at the next meeting. Make plans now to attend and to fish with us.

‘Til next time….Keep Your Hooks Sharp!