Randy Cole

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#1 Randy Cole
#2 Lee Brannon
#3 Walley Cassiano
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"Randy's Club Report"
Covering the Pensacola Hawg Hunters
Lake Seminole
Jack Wingates Lunker Lodge
September 6-7, 1997

After a Two year Hiatus the Pensacola Hawg Hunters returned to Jack Wingates Lunker Lodge to fish Lake Seminole. There were 19 anglers competing for not only Fish but... for a ride in a boat. Due to engine problems by two of the club members, there was a shortage of boats to afford a ride to everyone that wanted to fish. One problem occurred prior to the draw, the other problem occurred during the tournament. Arrangements were made so that no one was left at the landing! Three people were placed in boats. This epitomes the true spirit of this club. This was not a rule, it was done on a strictly voluntary basis by those boaters and partners involved.
On to the tournament: The weather was GREAT! Temperatures and winds were quite nice, 84 degrees and light winds kept the lake calm enough so that everyone could fish where they wanted, some Spring Creek, others the Flint River and some the Chatahootchee. If you wanted to fish the Grass, you came to the right place! It was everywhere. With the water levels anywhere from 17 to 20 inches below normal the grass was easy to spot. The fish were not.
We had 19 anglers catch a total of 51.65 pounds of bass. Third place went to Walley Cassiano with 3 fish at 7.30 pounds, Second place went to Lee Brannon with 3 fish at 7.50 pounds, And First place went to yours truly, Randy Cole with 3 fish at 7.55 pounds. Big Fish on Saturday went to Randy Cole at 5.65 pounds, big fish on Sunday went to Bob (Big Fish Bob) Hanson at 4.85 pounds. Next month will take us back to Millers Ferry on the Alabama River. See you on the water!

Angler Fish Caught Weight
Randy Cole-BF-5.65 3 7.55
Lee Brannon 3 7.50
Walley Cassiano 3 7.30
Bob Hanson-BF-4.85 2 5.80
Neil Springstead 2 4.65
Dave Dyess 2 4.20
Jeff Weaver 2 3.60
Jim Bray 1 3.40
John Buck 1 3.10
Rich Hubler 1 1.90
Jim Bailey, Jr. 1 1.85
Fred Raby 1 1.80
Jim Bailey, Sr. 1 1.05
Rich Renner 1 1.05
Tommy Buck 0 0.00
John Schaeff 0 0.00
Kevin Simmons 0 0.00
Jere Jaillite 0 0.00
Paul Sullivan 0 0.00