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TOP #3
#1 Fred Raby
#2 Dave Dyess
#3 Lee Brannon


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"Randy's Club Report"
Covering the Pensacola Hawg Hunters
Lake Martin

Wind Creek State Park
May 17-18

The Pensacola Hawg Hunters May Tournament took 18 Anglers to Lake Martin, Alabama in search of the hawgs that awaited them in the Clear Water. Saturday was a beautiful day for sunbathing and enjoying the outdoors, but those bluebird skies were not the most conducive for catching Bass. Some of the anglers were able to hook one or two, Very few had a limit. Dave Dyess and Fred Raby were two that were able to snag five on the first day, with the lunker going to Randy Cole at 2.25 pounds. Sunday was more of the same, Bluebird Skies, Ski boats and Jet Ski's. Our leader from Saturday, Dave Dyese , was almost out of it on Sunday due to a Kidney stone which kept him in the hospital most of the night. Luckily he was able to return Sunday for the blastoff, it was rummored that he was heard to say "a little kidney stone wont keep me down as long as I have morphine and demoral". We were glad he could make it. Dave was able to fish and place second overall. Top honors went to Mr. Fred Raby with 14.92 pounds and a lunker of 4.26 pounds, this was the largest of his two 4 pounders! Congradulations to Fred on a fine stringer. The results of the tournament follow:

Angler Fish Caught Weight
Fred Raby-Sun. B.F.-4.26 8 14.92
Dave Dyess 8 9.73
Lee Brannon 6 6.57
Kevin Simmons 8 6.27
Jim Bailey, Sr. 5 5.86
Randy Cole-Sat. B.F.-2.25 5 5.74
Don Jahnke 6 5.68
Walley Cassiano 4 5.43
Buddy Paul 4 5.37
John Schaeff 5 5.2
Danny Prescott 3 4.84
Jim Bailey, Jr. 3 4.33
Tommy Buck 4 4.13
Rich Hubler 3 3.54
Dave Bock 3 3.37
Neil Springstead 4 3.13
John Buck 2 2.6
Rich Renner 2 1.43