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#1 Fred Raby
#2 Tom Buck
#3 Dave Bock
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"Randy's Club Report"
Covering the Pensacola Hawg Hunters
Millers Ferry
Ellis Landing
October 11-12, 1997

The Pensacola Hawg Hunters ventured back to Millers Ferry Reservoir in Camden Alabama for their October Tournament. This was a particularly important Tournament as it was our fish-off. The stakes and tension was high.
Several members prefished the tournament in hopes of getting the edge. Some three days ahead of time! It was a two day tournament. We had 22 anglers compeating, one of which was a guest and former member Mac Cramer. Saturday morning we started the long idle from Ellis Landing to the main river. (They made that whole area a no wake zone) We blasted off in search of the elusive Bass. The day was beautiful, gentle winds, flowing water, Low in some areas, high in others (strange) depending on where you went. At weigh-in time 11 anglers had fish and 22 had tales to tell! Big Fish went to my partner Kevin Simmons, with a nice bass that weighed 5.05 pounds (Woo Woo!!) (Note: private joke) . Tommy Buck and his partner Dave Bock were able to catch a limit of fish. Both had stringers that weight over 8 pounds!. Sunday was about the same weather wise, the wind picked up a bit and so did the white caps in the river. At the end of two days of fishing 19 Anglers were able to catch fish. A total of 55 fish weighing 93.8 pound were caught. First place went to Mr. Fred Raby with a 2 day total of 6 fish weighing 15.55 pound, he also had a nice fish on Sunday which weighed 5.10 Pounds! (Believe me I was sweating both days when I saw those big fish, My 5.65 fish still stands for the year, whew!) Second place went to Tommy Buck with 8 fish weighing 15.25 pounds, Third place went to Dave Bock with 7 fish weighing 10.85 pounds.

Angler Fish Caught Weight
Fred Raby-BF- 5.10 6 15.55
Tom Buck 8 15.25
Dave Bock 7 10.85
John Buck 7 8.85
Neil Springstead 6 6.60
Kevin Simmons-5.05 2 5.90
Jim Bailey, Sr. 3 3.80
Don Jahnke 2 3.20
Wally Cassiano 2 3.00
Dave Dyess 2 2.75
Jere Jaillite 2 2.45
Stan Wright 2 2.10
Jim Bray 1 1.65
Lee Brannon 1 1.55
Paul Sullivan 1 1.25
.Jeff Weaver 1 1.10
Randy Cole 1 1.05
John Schaeff 1 1.00
Jim Bailey, Jr. 0 0.00
Bob Hanson 0 0.00
Rich Renner 0 0.00
Mac Cramer 5 5.8 Guest