Revised 11-1-98 )


Section 1. Name and Affiliation with B. A. S. S.
This Chapter shall be called the Pensacola Hawg Hunters Bass Club, a B. A. S. S. affiliate, in accordance with the following requirements:

a. Approval by B. A. S. S.
b. Update B. A. S. S. with a chapter membership roster once each year .
c. Name and addresses of new members joining the chapter during the year must be submitted to B.A.S.S as they occur.
d. Maintain 100% B. A. S. S. membership, both active and inactive members.
e. Must affiliate with State Federation and support it's youth programs. Comply with any additional requirements that the State Federation establishes for chapters, to be necessary for the chapter to participate in the State Federation qualifying tournaments and other Federation sponsored tournaments or events.

Section 2.
Purpose: To stimulate public awareness of bass fishing as a major sport; to offer our state conservation department our organized and political support and encouragement, to promote full adherence to all conservation codes and to demand adequate water standards, to detect and report the polluter and to call attention to his crime; to improve our skills as bass anglers through fellowship of friendly exchange of bass catching techniques and ideas, and to promote and encourage youth fishing and a love for this great recreation.


Section 1. Membership Requirements.
Requirements for active membership: to become an active member, a person shall:
a. Be a member of B. A. S. S. (to include State and Federation membership).
b. Express an interest in membership.
c. Fish one club tournament as a guest.
d. Be voted on by membership at the next meeting, with guest not present. Vote shall be secret ballot; affirmation by majority vote.
e. Be at least 16 years of age.
f. Full membership shall be awarded upon payment of dues.
g. The official shirt will be a Khaki shirt with club logo.
h. Potential members must be nominated by a member in good standing and complete a member information sheet prior to fishing his guest tournament.

Section 2. Removal from Membership.
a. A member may be removed from membership for failure to meet membership requirements.
b. Members failing to attend one half of annual club functions or failing to attend six consecutive club functions without notice will result in removal from membership.

Section 3. Inactive membership
a. Inactive membership shall be awarded to any active member in good standing who expresses interest in becoming an inactive member. If the members dues are paid through December the inactive dues will be waived until that time. Otherwise inactive dues are payable in December.

Section 4. Dues
a. Dues are due and payable at the December meeting for the following year.
b. Dues are prorated on a quarterly basis for joining members.
c. Secretary/Treasurer dues will be paid by the club.
d. Dues for Fisherman of the Year will be paid by the club.


Section 1. Officers and Elections.
a. President: Presides over all meetings and directs all official business; appoints and directs all committee functions, serves as the head of E-Board, supervise all club functions, initiates any changes to the constitution and by-laws or new rules. Signs checks as an alternate with the Secretary/Treasurer.
b. Vice President/ Tournament Director: Assists the President in his duties; presides in the absence of the President, serves as chairman of the Tournament Committee, performs duties as Tournament Director in accordance with Tournament Rules.
c. Secretary/Treasurer: Maintains accurate minutes of all meetings and reads those minutes to the membership at the beginning of each meeting, maintains accurate financial records and reports at each meeting, publishes monthly newsletter, maintains record of point standings, publishes a membership roster and maintains attendance records.
d. Board Members at Large: There will be two elected board members who will serve as voting members on the E-Board.
e. Environmental Officer: Responsible for policing and maintaining current environmental policies, laws and regulations. reports to B. A. S. S. in accordance with policies and regulations in effect. Additionally, the Environmental Officer will Chair a committee that is charged with ensuring the club sponsors a B.A.S.S. CastingKids competition during the election Year. Not a voting member of the E-Board.
f. Incoming officers will perform an audit of the previous years club treasury prior to taking office.

Section 2. E-Board.
a. The E-Board will consist of the President, Vice President/Tournament Director, Secretary/Treasurer, and the two Members at Large.

Section 3. Negligence, Removal of office.
a. Any Officer or Board member found negligent in the performance of assigned duties, by the E-Board, shall be removed from office and suspended from club membership for a period of time agreed upon by the board.

Section 4. Elections.
a. A Nominating committee chaired by the President and two active members will submit a slate of nominations at the September meeting. Nominations will also be accepted from the floor at the September and October meetings.
b. The election of officers shall be held annually at the regular monthly meeting in October. Election shall be by a simple majority vote of members present.

Section 5. Term of Office.
a. The E-Board will serve for a one year period from November 1 to October 31 to coincide with the tournament year.

Section 6. Vacancy of Office.
a. In the event of an office vacancy, nominations shall be asked for and election held at the next meeting to fill the vacancy for the balance of the term.

Section 7. Eligibility for Office.
a. All active club members are eligible to hold office.

Amending the Constitution and by-laws.

Section 1.
a. The Constitution and By-laws, Tournament Rules and Fish-off may be amended at the regular November meeting by a 2/3 vote of those members present, provided notice of the proposed amendments have been presented to the membership via the October newsletter prior to the November vote.
b. By special request of any active member in good standing, any proposed change which is reviewed by the E-Board and receives a 100% affirmative vote can be presented at the next scheduled meeting to introduce as a change to our constitution and/or by-laws and tournament rules. This would be a special circumstance or emergency measure which would be in the clubs best interest.

Meeting, Parliamentary Procedure

Section 1.
a. Meetings will be held the third Wednesday of each month.
b. Meetings will be conducted according to parliamentary procedure.


Section 1.
a. Club tournaments will be conducted in accordance to Tournament Rules.
b. Tournaments will be held the weekend following the club meeting except in those cases where the scheduled state federation tournament will be in conflict with the PHH tournament. The dates of those tournaments will be decided by the tournament committee and published in accordance with tournament rule #4
c. The competitive fishing year will run from November through October with the Fish-off being the last tournament of the competitive year.