Additions To The Tournament Rules

Jim Bailey
The Walmart Bag Rule
New Rule

This will be a one year trial period for this rule if passed.
Rule will have to be revoted on next year to be added permanently to the tournament rules.

Add - Drop - Guest
Tournament Week:

Annually all members in good standing will be encouraged to participate in Add - Drop - Guest Week.
This special tournament will be a 1 day local tournament held 1 week after our regular scheduled tournament.
There will be a regular meeting for this tournament and guest are encouraged to attend but do not have to be present in order to fish. This tournament date will be determined by the E-Board (preferably June, July, or August) and posted on the website in our tournament dates and will include the following.


1. Members fishing will be able to add or drop any prior tournament month fished or not fished
in said year and receive points for a 1 day tournament. Points will be added to the yearly points standings.

2. All regular tournament rules will apply.


1. All members are encouraged to bring a guest or potential member to this special tournament
and both boaters and nonboaters will be able to fish with the guest they bring.

2. No nonboater or guest will be left on the dock incase all boat seats are filled in the draw.
This is a special tournament to show our club off....
Boaters with larger boats should step up to accommodate for this 1 day event.

3. Guest must pay $5 for the tournament and can only fish for the big fish.

This special tournament would be a great opportunity for a member who needs a tournament to qualify for the fish off.
Like Cramer said, this would be a great attempt to put our best foot forward to encourage our guest to join the club.
Also we could make weigh-in time 12:00 noon and do an (optional) cookout at the tournament site so the members can meet our guest.
By having this special tournament, it would put a few extra bucks in the fish off pot.