Constitution & By-Laws

Jere Jaillite

Section 5. Lifetime Membership

a. Lifetime membership shall be awarded to anyone who has been an active member of the Pensacola Hawg Hunters
Bass Club and who has performed meritorious services above and beyond those normally expected.
Once nominated, one must be elected to lifetime membership by unanimous secret ballot.
If approved, he shall be awarded lifetime membership credentials in the Pensacola Hawg Hunters Bass Club, shall receive
free annual dues for the remainder of his life, and shall be accorded all rights and privileges granted active members.

Procedure for Nomination:

1. The nomination must be submitted in writing and presented to the E-board.
2. Nomination must list reasons why this member should be considered for lifetime membership.
3. E-Board will review the nomination and make a recommendation to the members.
4. This will be a 2 month procedure, submitted 1 month and voted on the next.
Current rule will remain the same. This is simply for procedural purposes.

Life Members:

Jim May - Rocky Grosjean - Jack Mahre,
Wally Cassiano - Pete Potter - John Buck

Honorary Life Member:

Donnie Paul

2010 Change:
Section 5.
Honorary Life Member:


The Constitution and by-laws have no provisions for "Honorary Membership.
Without Honorary Membership being defined and controled by the Constitution it should be deleted.