Tournament Rule

Frank Kelly
Rule 6

6. In the event an open seat exists on a tournament boat and a member in good standing finds he can fish after the regular meeting, he can do so only as a nonboater and in the one seat available. Once this seat is filled by the Tournament Director the tournament will be closed to all.
6a. A boater who is not paired during the club meeting may invite a guest to fish with him in the upcoming tournament.
The single boater must contact the Tournament Director to insure no member has claimed the seat in accordance with
rule 6. Once the single boater has declared his intentions the tournament will be closed to all. Once seated, it is expected that the guest will share the boater's expenses and the club will no longer be responsible for any reimbursements.
The guest may only participate in the big fish pot.

2010 Change:

Add 6b

6b. Once all non boaters have been selected as partners, if there is more than one boater left, the tournament director will ask the leftover boaters if they wish to fish alone or wish to be paired up. If all want to take their own boats, then the tournament director selects their names for the starting order. Anyone wishing to not fish alone will have their names placed back in the box and they will be paired out in the usual manner. Boaters opting to fish alone will be responsible to pay ALL of their expenses relieving the club of any financial responsibility.


In the first place, anyone that places their names in the YES/YES category is looking to take their own boats for many obvious reasons.
Some for just the shear enjoyment of using their own boat; some who wish to fish their own spots (secret or not)at their own discretion;

some to just get away by themselves and enjoy some solitude, while others want to fish at a very slow or fast speed which may not be conduciveto others in their boat. For those who wish to fish with a partner and not fish alone, you will NOW have a partner, although it will be in the back of someone's boat. (Keep in mind, with draw tournaments, you may wind up this way anyway.)
The change in the rule will NOW allow those who wanted to take their boats to do so. This will also encourage people who own boats to join our club. During the six (6) years I wrote for the journal, I bet I've met at least a dozen people that wanted to join but did not because of this one rule.

I really can't think of any reason why someone would vote against this rule, other than to say....."We've always done it the other way'"

I suggest we try this rule for one year and if it's not working, someone can draft up a rule to change to go back to the old way of drawing names for next years constitutional changes meeting.