Special Rule Change

Frank Kelly

We currently charge an entry fee of $25.00 for a one day tournament and $30.00 for a two day.
The entry fee itself is $20 and as you know we add $5 for BIG fish.
From the original $20 entry fee, we deduct 25% (or $5.00) to be placed into the end of year fish-off
tournament and the remaining money goes for that tournaments payout.

I am proposing that we add $5 more to every tournament.

It would look like this:

"We can make it $30 for a one day and $35 for a two day. If we do it this way, it will not only
increase that
tournaments payout but will also put $6.25 vs $5.00 towards the end of year fish-off.
It doesn't sound like much but it could add as much as $250 into the end of year fish-off pot.

This will add a little more ZEST into each pot and even more into the fish-off.