Constitution & By-Laws

Frank Kelly
Section 1

Amending the Constitution and by-laws:

a. The Constitution and by laws, Tournament rules and fish-off may be amended at the regular October meeting by a 2/3 vote of those members present, provided notice of the proposed amendments have been presented to the membership via the September newsletter prior to the October vote. Members that have participated in less than 6 tournaments will be barred from voting in said year and NOT counted as part of the 2/3 vote.

2010 Change:


Section 1

Amending the Constitution and by-laws:

I am proposing that we vote on a paper ballot in October on ALL proposed rule changes. We all see how everyone is voting and I don't feel that is right. I know, as well as most of you, that there are VOTING BLOCKS in this club and we ALL fall victim to watching how others vote and sometimes follow others choices. PEER pressure can be very demanding on ones vote.
We may have pledged our support to someone although not agreeing with it and then follow through with a raised hand so that our friend can see how we voted.

The paper ballot will read as follows..
Change #1 YES NO
Change #2 YES NO
and so on and so on.......only needing to circle your answers.

The President will read the proposed rule change at the October meeting and then say VOTE.....then go on to the next proposed change and so on and so on. At the end of all the proposed changes, the ballots are collected up and tallied.....
it should add NO MORE THAN 5 to 10 minutes to the meeting time.

We vote in secret for new members to be admitted to the club and I believe that this is as important if not MORE important.