Tournament Rules

Billy Myrick
Rule 1

1. In order to receive credit for fishing a club tournament, a member must be in good standing, tournament fees paid and actually fish the tournament, ( Defined as launching boat and having boat number called out).
Members who pay their fees and do not fish the tournament will receive their points but will not receive credit for the tournament as one of the previous 6 tournaments fished to qualify for the fish-off, however, the $5.00 contribution paid will count towards the fish-off.

2010 Change:

Rule 1

Members who pay their fees to fish and has an emergency after 9 pm Thursday prior to a tournament will receive thier points. Anyone paying fees and cancelling prior to 9 pm Thursday will not receive thier points.
You must fish to get points unless it is an emergency.

If you pay your fees and decide to not fish then you should not get any points. Unforseen emergencies are an exception.
The decision not to fish is a personal decision and you should not be rewarded for it.