Tournament Rules

Jim Bailey Sr
Tournament Rule: Rule #6

6. In the event an open seat exists on a tournament boat and a member in good standing finds he can fish after the regular meeting, he can do so only as a non-boater and in the one seat available. Once this seat is filled by the Tournament Director the tournament will be closed to all.

2009 Change:

Add Rule 6a:

6a. A boater who is not paired during the club meeting may invite a guest to fish with him in the upcoming tournament.
The single boater must contact the Tournament Director to insure no member has claimed the seat in accordance with rule 6. Once the single boater has declared his intentions the tournament will be closed to all. Once seated, it is expected that the guest will share the boater's expenses and the club will no longer be responsible for any reimbursements.
The guest may only participate in the big fish pot.


This rule will give the single boater the option to bring someone along to fish with him plus relieve the club of tournament expenses.