Constitution & By-Laws

Mack Cramer
ARTICLE II Membership:

a. Dues are due and payable at the October meeting for the following year.
Any member that hasn't paid his dues by the November meeting will be removed from membership
and must re-apply and fish a guest tournament.
b. Active Member Dues: $40.00 per year.
c. Inactive Membership: $20.00 per year.
d. Dues are prorated on a quarterly basis for joining members.
e. Dues for Angler of the Year will be paid by the club.
f. Secretary dues will be paid by the club.

2009 Change:

Add H

To maintain membership a member must attend 1 meeting and 1 tournament per quarter. A quarter being defined as 3 consecutive months. Members who fail to do this will be removed from membership. They must re-apply for membership (should they choose to do so) guest tournament, dues and so forth.


To remove dead wood from our roles and have only people who want to be a Hawg Hunters as a member.