2008 Season
Offical Newsletter
Pensacola Hawg Hunters

Volume: 11
Issue: 6

Angler Of The Year
Mack Cramer


Minutes of the Meeting:

The April Pensacola Hawg Hunters meeting was brought to order at
7 P.M. on April 16, 2008 at
Founaris Brothers Restaurant. President John Buck presided.
There were 14 members present,
and 1 guest - Danny Lopez

Members Of The Board:

John Buck

Vice President/Treasure

Jere Jaillite


Marc Churchwell

Tournament Director

Dave Dyess

Asst. Tournament Director
Jim Bailey Sr

Old Buisness:


New Buisness:

The only old business is a reminder that if you are going to be late to a hotel during one our 2 day tournaments to please let Dave know so that he can make sure they hold your room.
Next month we will be staying at Southern Inn in Miller's Ferry.

April Tournament:

April saw the Hawg Hunters make their first trip to Lake Jordan, Alabama. After the superb trip to Lay Lake last month everybody was hoping and expecting a repeat tournament this month. While not living up to Lay Lake, Jordan had to be called a success by any standard. For the early birds who were able to make the trip north on Friday, they found a lake that was being whipped into white caps by a very strong southern wind. While pre-fishing was OK, no one seemed confident that they had found the fish or the pattern to catch them. Saturday morning we awoke to find that it had rained during the night and skies were overcast, but the temperature was comfortable even with a strong northern wind. Arriving at the ramp we discovered long lines waiting to launch as there were at least three tournaments and many local anglers putting their boats in. After a little delay and much patience we were all in the water. By mid-morning the overcast had cleared and a beautiful sunny blue sky appeared. Even the wind abated as the day went on.
At weigh in five limits were brought to the scales with John Buck moving to the head of the pack with a pretty limit weighing in at 12.62 pound, followed by Jere Jaillite at 10.45, Jeff Weaver at 9.80, Lee Brannon at 8.93, and finally Dave Dyess at 8.27.
Saturday night the ten Hawg Hunters and one guest (Danny Lopez) along with Dave's brother Chuck,
went to one of the local steak houses (Ox and Yoke) for what turn out to be very pleasant evening of food, talk, joking, and probably even a little white lie or two about fishing.
A word for and to Chuck…. Most of us were with Dave at Cooter's Pond last year when he received word that you had gone in for emergency by-pass surgery and had stayed abreast of your recovery through Dave.
It was great to have you join us and see just how well your recovery has progressed. We wish you all the best for the future and hope that you can join us again some time.

April Tournament Cont:

Sunday morning we awoke to find that the wind had died down during the night and there were actually stars in the sky. For those of us who made it to the ramp on time, we found little or no lines and were ready to go at blast off. The lake was calm but for those of us who headed north up the lake we found heavy and dense fog while the south part of the lake stayed pretty much fog free. Fishing Sunday was a great deal harder as the fish had shut down over night. A number of anglers reported that they didn't even get their first bite until after 10:00. At weigh in no limits were brought in but three people were able to muster four. Bob Hanson led that group with a weight of 8.19, followed closely by Kevin Simmons with 7.37,
and Lee Brannon with 6.86.

1st Place
John Buck
When final totals were computed John Buck was able to hold on to his first day lead with a total of 16.75 pounds

2 nd Place
Jere Jaillite

just squeaking past Jere Jaillite who weighed in a total of 16.67 pounds.

3rd Place
Lee Brannon

Both were followed closely by Lee Brannon with 15.79 pounds

4th Place
Bob Hanson

and Bob Hanson at 13.81 pounds.
John was also able to add the golf ball draw to his week end accomplishments on Sunday. Only the big fish seemed to elude him. Speaking of big fish… Bob Hanson decided that it was time to remind all of us why he was called
"Big Fish" Bob, by bringing a very pretty 4.16 pound spot to the scales for the Saturday lunker. Not to go unnoticed Jeff Weaver brought a nice 3.21 pound spot in for the Sunday lunker.
This report can't be ended without mentioning that one of our member has made a strong bid for the 2008 Slammer Award. I don't want to embarrass any member by mentioning his name or talking about broken truck tail lights in the motel parking lot, so let's just say that Mr. K.R. has moved to the head of the slammer list. Don't give up hope Ken, there are still six more tournaments and some one can still beat you out of it.

Tournament Standings:

Lake Jordan
Boat Ramp Landing

1st John Buck - 8 fish - 16.75 lbs
2nd Jere Jaillite - 8 fish - 16.67 lbs
3rd Lee Brannon - 9 fish - 15.79 lbs
4th Bob Hanson - 7 fish - 13.81 lbs
5th Jeff Weaver - 6 fish - 13.11 lbs
6th Kevin Simmons - 7 fish - 12.22 lbs
7th Dave Dyess - 7 fish - 11.42 lbs
8th Ken Repine - 5 fish - 7.45 lbs
9th Don Jahnky - 3 fish - 4.95 lbs
10th Jim Bailey Sr - 3 fish - 4.69 lbs

Big Fish
Bob Hanson (Saturday) - 4.16 lbs

Jeff Weaver (Sunday) - 3.21 lbs


Danny Lopez - 2.29 lbs

For The Record:

Lake Jordan
Boat Ramp Landing

Total Fish Caught 63
Total Dead Fish 0
Total Fish Weight 116.86 lbs
Total Limits 5
Tournament Big Fish 4.16 lbs
(Bob Hanson)

For the Year:

Total Fish Caught 294
Total Dead Fish 3
Total Fish Weight 473.90
Total Limits 32
Tournament Big Fish 4.16 lbs
(Bob Hanson)

Members Eligible 2008 Fish Off:
As Of: 4/19/08
Lee Brannon - John Buck
Mack Cramer - Jere Jaillite
Frank Kelly - Jeff Weaver
Jim Bailey Sr. - Kevin Simmons

Members Eligible To Vote
2009 Constitution:

As Of: 4/19/08
Lee Brannon - John Buck
Jere Jaillite - Frank Kelly
Jeff Weaver

May Meeting:

Location: Fournaris Bros.
May 21, 2008
Time: 7 pm

May Tournament:

May 24, 2008

Tournament Site:

Miller's Ferry
Millers Ferry Marina

From The Daily Planner:

Full Moon: May 19th

Sunrise: 5:49 am
Sunset: 7:41 pm

Slammer Award:


Ken Repine
"The Notel Motel Tail Light Thang"

Any questions should be addressed to Marc Churchwell
or Jim Bailey Sr.