Jim Bailey
Current 2007 Rule
Section 1. Membership Requirements

Requirements for active membership, to become an active member, a person shall:
a. Be at least 21 years of age.
b. Express an interest in membership.
c. Fish one club tournament as a guest.
d. Be voted on by membership at the next meeting, with guest not present.
Vote shall be secret ballot; affirmation by majority vote.
e. Full membership shall be awarded upon payment of all dues including hat and shirt.
f. The official shirt with club logo will be ordered through the club Secretary.
g. Potential members must be nominated by a member in good standing
and complete a member information sheet prior to fishing his guest tournament.

Proposed Change:

Section 1f. Membership Requirements

f. The official khaki shirt with club logo and teal colored cap with logo will be ordered through the club Secretary.

Also Remove Rule #5 from SOP
5. Each member is expected to obtain and wear a club shirt/hat.
New members should order these from the secretary immediately after being granted membership


This rule will add into the constitution what style, type, and color, the official hat and shirt will be. Also removes same wording in SOP