John Buck
Current 2007 Rule

RULE # 22

Members in good standing shall be allowed to bring a guest to one tournament each year. A guest is defined as a non-potential member.
The guest name will be included in the draw and will fish as a non-boater. The guest may only participate in the big fish pot.
The guest will share the boater's expenses just as our non-boaters do.

Proposed Change:

RULE # 22

Once all non-boaters have been accommodated for the tournament, a member may bring a guest of his choice with the exception of the October tournament. The guest may be eligible for the lunker pot but his lunker fee must be paid at the meeting. A guest who is seeking membership shall be dealt with in accordance with membership requirements. No guests are allowed to participate in the October tournament.


We are always seeking new members, and this is a way to get more people to fish without feeling the pressure of membership. If they like what they do, they may wish to become active members. It can also promote more tournament participation. The reason for no extra guests at the fish-off is because this is a special, once a year, event that everyone works and contributes toward. This should be a special time for members only.
The possibility of drawing a guest (potential member) who does not know how to fish or cast, etc. would possibly put the club member (boater)
at a big disadvantage during our most important tournament of the year.