John Buck
Current 2007 Rule

RULE # 15

Points for each tournament and monthly meeting will count toward the Angler of the Year Award in October. Points will be accrued as follows:
1. 2 points for attending the monthly meeting.
2. 3 points will be awarded to any contestant that showed up and fished the tournament regardless if he has to leave early or showed up late at the weigh in.
3. 6 points for both days of a two day tournament.
4. 1 point for wearing a Hawg Hunter shirt and hat in at least one day of a tournament.
5. 15 points for 1st place, 14 for 2nd, 13 for 3rd, 12 for 4th, 11 for 5th, 10 for 6th, 9 for 7th, 8 for 8th, 7 for 9th, 6 for 10th, 5 for 11th, 4 for 12th, 3 for 13th, 2 for 14th, 1 for 15th. Any member with a legal keeper fish will receive one point.

Proposed Change:

RULE # 15

Eliminate item 4


A member should not be scored in a tournament by a fashion statement. He should be scored on his ability to catch fish. This will also simplify record keeping and controversy of acceptability of when and how long one wears his club shirt and hat.