John Buck
Current 2007 Rule

RULE # 15

Points for each tournament and monthly meeting will count toward the Angler of the Year Award in October. Points will be accrued as follows:
1. 2 points for attending the monthly meeting.
2. 3 points will be awarded to any contestant that showed up and fished the tournament regardless if he has to leave early or showed up late at the weigh in.
3. 6 points for both days of a two day tournament.
4. 1 point for wearing a Hawg Hunter shirt and hat in at least one day of a tournament.
5. 15 points for 1st place, 14 for 2nd, 13 for 3rd, 12 for 4th, 11 for 5th, 10 for 6th, 9 for 7th, 8 for 8th, 7 for 9th, 6 for 10th, 5 for 11th, 4 for 12th, 3 for 13th, 2 for 14th, 1 for 15th. Any member with a legal keeper fish will receive one point.

Proposed Change:

RULE # 15

Eliminate item 1


A member should come to the monthly meeting as a responsible member. One should not receive "bonus" points for doing what should be expected from a responsible member. This will also simplify record keeping.