John Buck
Current 2007 Rule

RULE # 5

Partners will be chosen by random draw conducted by the Tournament Director.
a. Members not present at the meeting will be placed in the Non-Boater category.
b. It is each man's responsibility to notify both the Tournament Director and his partner if he is unable to participate,
giving as much advance notice as possible.
c. Each boat will contain two contestants. However, a club member will be allowed to fish alone if pairing of two club members would not allow a potential member to fish his guest tournament, or an odd number of participants exist.
d. When there are more non-boaters than boaters, the Tournament Director can, at his discretion, place a member not attending the meeting in the boater category. This should only be used after polling the non-boaters present to see if any of those who own boats wish to change from a non-boater to a boater. If after polling members who have boats and still the number of non-boaters are more than the present boaters, the Tournament Director shall be permitted to allow a member (not in attendance at the meeting) to become a boater. If there is more than one boater not present at the meeting and it is known that they are willing to take their boat, that boater vacancy will be chosen by random draw.

Proposed Change:

RULE # 5

Change C to read:

c. All boaters who desire to take their boats will have their names put in a box. All "non-boaters" will have their names placed in a box.
Names will be drawn from each box until all non-boaters/guests have been accommodated. Once the non-boaters are accommodated the remaining boaters will have the option to take their own boat. If a boater does not wish to do this, then his name will be placed in the non-boater box, and he will be partnered up with the next boater drawn from the box.
Boaters who make the choice to fish "solo" are required to cover all of their expenses with no help from the club.


Boat owners do not want to leave their boats sitting at home. They have purchased a boat to use and fish in. Many times a boater may go 2-3 or more months and not be able to use their boat due to the luck of the draw. This will allow all boat owners to use their boats to fish tournaments as often as they wish while still accommodating non-boaters.