Mack Cramer
Current 2007 Rule

RULE # 4

Tournament sites will be selected by a committee chaired by the Tournament Director, and comprised of the newly elected E-Board. Tournaments will include 8 one day tournaments and 4 two day tournaments (one of which will be the "Fish Off"). These sites will be published in the November newsletter for the following year. All members are encouraged to submit their suggestions for tournament sites prior to the November meeting.

Proposed Change:

RULE # 4

Tournament sites will be selected by the club members. Sites will be nominated by the members at the November meeting for each month.
A total of 5 sites can be nominated per month. The voting of the sites will bring the nominees down to 2 sights. The sites will be voted on at the December meeting thus setting the schedule for the year. In November you will be allowed to vote as many times as you want for each month.
In December you are allowed only 1 vote. Rules to conduct the nominating/discussion and general procedures will be the Tournament director's responsibility assisted by the assistant tournament director.


To pull from the member's knowledge and hopefully come up with the best possible schedule. It would also allow members to become involved in the working of the club without serving as a board member.