Jim Bailey
Current 2007 Rule
Section 7. Eligibility for Office:

Section 1. Amending the Constitution and by-laws:

a. The Constitution and By-laws, Tournament Rules and Fish-off may be amended at the regular October meeting by a 2/3 vote of those members present, provided notice of the proposed amendments have been presented to the membership via the September newsletter prior to the October vote. Members that have participated in less than six tournaments will be barred from voting in said year and will not be counted as part of the
2/3 vote.

b. By special request of any active member in good standing, any proposed change which is reviewed by the E-Board and receives a 100% affirmative vote can be presented at the next scheduled meeting to introduce as a change to our constitution and/or by-laws and tournament rules.
This would be a special circumstance or emergency measure which would be in the clubs best interest.

Proposed Change:

Section 1. Amending the Constitution and by-laws:

Add b. to read and drop b. to c.:

b. The deadline to have all proposed rule changes to the club secretary by electronic email will be the Wednesday (7 days) before the regular September meeting. This will give him time to organize and print copies for the meeting.


Waiting to the last minute to submit rule changes in hard copy helps no one.