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Offical Newsletter
Pensacola Hawg Hunters

Volume: 7
Issue: 12

Brian Metcalf
Fisherman Of The Year 2004

Minutes of the Meeting:

The September 2004 Pensacola Hawg Hunters meeting and tournament were cancelled due to Hurricane Ivan.
The October 2004 meeting was brought to order at 7:00 p.m. on October 20, 2004 at C.J.'s Smoke House off Davis Hwy and I10. The Founaris Brothers on Hwy 29 was closed due to damage from the hurricane. President Brian Metcalf presided. There were 24 members and one guest present.

Members Of The Board:

Brian Metcalf
Vice President/Treasure
Pete Potter
Kevin Simmons
Tournament Director
Frank Kelly
Asst. Tournament Director
Walter McCartney

Old Buisness:

The Annual Hawg Hunter Family Picnic had to be cancelled. Blue Angel Park sustained too much damage.
Pete Potter is working with the park to get the deposit back.

With everything that has happened in the last month or two, Brian Metcalf did not bring the sample shirt from Buck and Bass.
Possibly at the next meeting.

New Buisness:

Welcome again to our visitor C. J. Garrison. C. J. was at our last club meeting but did not fish.
All the Officer positions had only one nomination each. Fred Raby made a motion that all be approved by acclaimation. The motion was seconded and passed. The new E-Board is as follows:

President -
Dave Dyess
Vice President/Treasure -
Terry Smith
Secretary -
Ken Repine
Tournament Director -
Frank Kelly
Asst Tourney Director -
Paul Sullivan

The hurricane forced the E-Board to propose that changes to the Constitution, By-laws, Tournament and Fish-off Rules be presented, discussed and voted on during the October meeting. The motion did not require a second. It was discussed and passed. There were several proposed changes, but only one passed.

New Buisness:

The approved change removes the requirement that a member not miss 6 consecutive club functions without an excused absence. The Constitution and By-laws will be amended to reflect the change. Fred proposed that each member fishing the October tournament receive $20 from the Special Fund.
The proposal was seconded, discussed and approved.
Frank Kelly changed the tournament launch site because of the high salinity levels at the City Ramp. The new launch site is at Scipio Marina.
Jeff Weaver won the 50/50 pot.

Hawg Want A Be:

~Know Your Hawgs~

Say hello to C. J. Garrison.
C. J. is sponsored into the club by
Jim Bailey Sr.
He is fresh from sea duty off the
USS Ronald Reagan and will be with us for a while. C. J. works at the Navy hospital and has something to do with pulling teeth!!!
You Navy boyz better be nice to him or ya might just feel his pain.
C. J. will be fishing as a nonboater so that will be a big plus for him come votin night otherwise it might be iffy. He caught more fish than his sponcer did on his guest tournament.
That wasn't a good thang!!


Another fishing year gone. This has been a very interesting year. We lost one of our own, (Wally Cassiano), had to move our meeting site TWICE, had some very lively discussions and survived a major hurricane that forced us to cancel our September tournament to Lay Lake and our annual picnic.
Let's Fish! The weatherman was calling for good weather and, this time, he called it correctly. The only hint of rain came at the weigh-in. Pre-fishing talk at the hotel was lots of fish, but few keepers.
Saturday weigh-in brought lots of fish to the scales, but only one REALLY counted.

October Tournament:

It was very obvious that Mack Cramer was waiting until last to weigh-in his fish. Turns out he was saving the best for last. Yes, Buray I is offically closed. Mack plopped a 6.8 lb. Green trout in the basket. Needless to say, Mack took Big Fish honors for Saturday. He followed it with 4 more good fish to also secure 1st place for Day 1. Mack gave his net man (Neil Springstead) a small tip for his efforts in bringing the beast in the boat. The rest of the fisherman got squat.

Sunday promised to be as good a day as Saturday was, weatherwise. We had a little more company at blast-off with another club leaving at the same time we did. Caused some pretty good wakes, but everyone got off safely. At weigh-in there were a few less smiling faces than the day before. Seems some of the spots that produced on Saturday turned off on Sunday. At the end of the weigh-in tournament 4th place was a tie between Dave Rogers and Pete Potter. Dave had a grand total of 7 fish and Pete had 8 for a tournament weight of 11.35lbs. Third place went to Jere Jaillite. He had a total of 5 nice fish for a total weight of 14.05lbs. Jere also had Sunday's Big Fish at 5.8lbs. Mack Cramer found 8 other fish to go with the Buray winner for a total weight of 15.95lbs. which was good enough to nail down 2nd place.

First place went to "Mr. Consistent" Brian Metcalf. Brian was the only fisherman to limit both days. His total weight was 18.25lbs.

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Offical Newsletter
Pensacola Hawg Hunters

Tournament Standings:

Fish Weight

1st - Brian Metcalf - 10 fish -18.25
2nd - Mack Cramer - 9 fish - 15.95
3rd - Jere Jaillite- 5 fish - 14.05
(t)4th - Dave Rogers - 7 fish - 11.35
(t)4th - Pete Potter - 8 fish - 11.35
6th - Fred Raby - 6 fish - 10.80
7th - Rich Cornelius - 7 fish - 10.25
8th - John buck - 6 fish - 9.35
9th - Ron Fairbanks - 6 fish - 9.15
10th - Jeff Weaver - 7 fish - 9.10
11th - Neil Springstead - 5 fish- 8.00
12th - Dewayne Kimbro- 5 fish - 7.25
13th - Lee Brannon - 5 fish - 6.90
14th - Ken Repine - 4 fish - 6.50
15th - Jim Bailey, Sr. - 4 fish - 4.50
16th -Walter McCartney- 3 fish - 3.70
17th - Frank Kelly - 3 fish - 3.05
18th - Kevin Simmons - 3 fish - 3.00
19th - Paul Sullivan - 1 fish - 1.40

Also Fished:

C. J. Garrison

For The Record:

Scipio Marina

Total Fish Caught 104

Total Dead Fish 0
Total Fish Weight 163.90
Total Limits 9
Tournament Big Fish 6.80
( Mack Cramer )

For the Year:

Total Fish Caught 635
Total Dead Fish 24
Total Fish Weight 1034.15
Total Limits 57
Big Fish 6.80
(Mack Cramer )

Remember Hawg Hunter's:

No Courtesy Bumps At The Scales

November Meeting:

Location: Founaris Brothers
Date: November 17, 2004
Time: 7:00 p.m.

November Tournament:

November 20 2004

Tournament Site:

Miller's Ferry
Ellis Landing

From The Daily Planner:

Full Moon: September 26
New Moon: November 12


Sunrise: 6:19 a.m.

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