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Offical Newsletter
Pensacola Hawg Hunters

Volume: 7
Issue: 1

Brian Metcalf
Fisherman Of The Year 2003

From The Ole Webmister:

Welcome Hawg Hunters to the new 2004 fishing season. As you can see by now if you got this far I have made some changes in design to the 2004 webpages. The reason is so you won't confuse the 2003 and prior year pages with the main 2004 site .
After much time of staring at a monitor, moving things around, and cussing alot because something won't fit where I want it ta go I blew a hole in my thinking cap. Tried the ole tire patch thing...Didn't work....
I'm asking for your help this year.
If any of you web savy Hawg Hunters Know how to send a email don't ya? have any ideas, jokes, pictures or any thing you would like to see added
to one of the webpages or newsletter Please!! email me.... and we will see if we can make it happen.

Thanks!!...Jim Bailey

A Little Salt:

You Might be a Redneck if...

1. You've ever cut your grass and found a car.
2. Your wife has ever said,
"Come move this transmission so I can take a bath."
3. You've ever got rattraps as a gift for Christmas.
4. Your coffee table used to be a telephone cable spool.
5. You've ever bought a used cap.

Minutes of the Meeting:

The November 2003 meeting of the Pensacola Hawg Hunters was brought to order at 7:00 p.m on November 19, 2003. The meeting was held at the Seafood Shanty on Hwy 29 and was presided over by our President
Brian Metcalf.
There were 25 members present.

Members Of The Board:

Brian Metcalf
Vice President/Treasure
Pete Potter
Kevin Simmons
Tournament Director
Frank Kelly
Asst. Tournament Director
Walter McCartney

Old Business:

Pete Potter's Catering Service came to the rescue once again. Pete and his support crew pulled off one of the best fish fries we've ever had. It looked like Simi even enjoyed his fish dinner. Thanks again Pete for your dedicated efforts to keep the club's comradery meter pegged to the right.
Jim Bailey, Sr. informed the club that he would have the updated Constitution and By-laws on-line ASAP.
Ron Fairbanks is checking on the B.A.S.S. Boat Raffle tickets. He will let us know more information at the next
meeting. Basically, the club will get 50% of the total amount we take in. The club membership will decide at a future meeting what to do with the funds.

New Business:

Frank Kelly announced that he had reserved a block of rooms, for the club, at each of the popular hotels/lodges for each of our 2-day tournament sites. Thanks Frank!
Ron Fairbanks is taking dues for those members that wish to join the B.A.S.S. Federation.
Frank Kelly asked that the club membership try to wear their club hat and shirt to the Saturday weigh-in on two-day tournaments. Although not required, it makes it much easier to keep track of the award points.
Pete Potter, Dave Dyess, Kevin Simmons, and Ken Repine have volunteered to be the Annual Banquet Committee this year. Please give them your ideas on places to have the banquet and activities during the banquet. The new tournament schedule is out. Thanks to the E-board for their work in their selection of fishing sites.

November Tournament:

The November tournament was held out of Ellis Landing on Miller's Ferry. This was a one day tournament with 12 boats participating. Many went up on Friday to pre-fish. Mixed results on success were reported at the usual evening "fish story" tellin' sessions. Everyone was concerned that the dense fog that met the pre-fishermen at the ramp would make a repeat appearance on tournament morning. Saturday morning brought expected cold temps, but NO FOG. The day was beautiful. Light winds and clear skies. At the 4 p.m. weigh-in, there were some smiles and some frowns. It seemed that either you found fish or you didn't. There were six limits with seven fish weighing over 2.5lbs. each.

After all were weighed in, Frank Kelly had finally lost his virginity and WON his first ever tournament as well as his first ever limit during a tournament. Little Pete Potter came in a strong second with a nice limit.

Tony Boyett also had a fantastic limit that took third place and Pete's partner, Wayne Tomley finished fourth, also with a fine limit.
From what I could hear, soft plastics and crankbaits were the overall baits of choice with running and gunning from point to point being the winning tactic. Great Job Frank! Enjoy first place (while you can). Big Fish honors was shared by Tony Boyett and Dave Dyess. Each had a Very Nice 4.15lb. green trout. Best Boat honors went to the boat of Pete Potter and Wayne Tomley with a total weight of 17.5 lbs.

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Offical Newsletter
Pensacola Hawg Hunters

Tournament Standings:

Miller's Ferry
Fish Weight

1st - Frank Kelly - 5 fish - 10.0
2nd - Pete Potter - 5 fish - 9.75
3rd - Tony Boyett - 5 fish - 8.9
4th - Wayne Tomley - 5 fish - 7.75
5th - Rich Cornelius - 5 fish - 7.70
6th - Dave Dyess - 3 fish - 6.95
7th - Lee Brannon - 4 fish - 6.75
8th - Jim Bailey, Sr - 3 fish - 6.05
9th - Brian Metcalf - 5 fish - 5.15
10th - Ron Fairbanks - 2 fish - 4.55
11th - Chris Malena - 4 fish - 4.50
12th - Neil Springstead -3 fish- 4.25
13th - Jere Jaillite - 2 fish - 3.95
14th - John Buck - 2 fish - 3.25
15th - Don Janhke - 2 fish - 2.80
16th - Mack Cramer - 1 fish - 1.55
17th - Jeff Weaver - 1 fish - 1.05
18th - Kevin Simmons - 1 fish - 1.00

Also Fished:
Walter McCartney, Ken Repine, Wally Cassiano, and Fred Raby

Remember Hawg Hunter's:

No Courtesy Bumps At The Scales

For The Record:

Miller's Ferry
Ellis Landing

Total Fish Caught 58
Total Dead Fish 0
Total Fish Weight 95.90
Total Limits 6
Tournament Big Fish 4.15
(Tony Boyette - Dave Dyess)

For the Year:

Total Fish Caught 58
Total Dead Fish 0

Total Fish Weight 95.90
Total Limits 6
Big Fish 4.15
(Tony Boyett - Dave Dyess)

December Meeting:

Location: Seafood Shanty
December 17, 2003
Time: 7:00 PM

December Tournament:

December 20, 2003

Tournament Site:

Tensaw River
Cliff's Landing

Tide Predictions:


Low - 11:11 a.m.
High - 11:16 p.m.

Sunrise Sunset:
6:45 am 4:55 pm

Moonrise Moonset:
3:33 a.m.
2:30 p.m.

Full Moon:
December 8
New Moon:

December 23

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