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Tournament Rules

Under the leadership of the Tournament Director, it is the responsibility of each participant to police his own adherence to the Tournament Rules.

The Tournament Director, prior to the start of the tournament will ask all participants to synchronize their watches and announce the weigh-in time. No boat will leave prior to the official start of the tournament.
The Tournament Director will use his own judgment to determine safe daylight. At that point, it becomes the responsibility of each boater to judge for himself whether or not safe conditions exist and to act accordingly.

1. In order to receive credit for fishing a club tournament, a member must be in good standing. Dues and tournament fees paid up to date prior to starting the tournament.

2. There is a tournament entry fee. One Fourth of this fee will be placed in a "fish-off pot".

3. Normally there will be one monthly club tournament. The Tournament Director will have the authority to reschedule or delay the tournament due to emergencies, severe weather, etc. The future of the rescheduled tournament will be decided at a special club meeting or the next regularly scheduled meeting.

a) Summer season tournaments shall have a weigh in time of 2:00p.m. for the months of June, July and August.

All two day tournaments will have a weigh in at 1:00p.m. on the second day.

4. Tournament sites will be selected by a committee chaired by the Tournament Director, and comprised of the newly elected E-Board. Tournaments will include 8 one day tournaments and 4 two day tournaments (one of which will be the "Fish Off"). These sites will be published in the November newsletter for the following year. All members are encouraged to submit their suggestions for tournament sites prior to the November meeting.

5. Partners will be chosen by random draw conducted by the Tournament Director. It is each man's responsibility to notify both the Tournament Director and his partner if he is unable to participate, giving as much advance notice as possible. Each boat will contain two contestants. However, a club member will be allowed to fish alone if pairing of two club members would not allow a potential member to fish his guest tournament, or an odd number of participants exists.

6. In the event an open seat exists on a tournament boat and a member in good standing finds he can fish after the regular meeting, he can do so only as a non-boater and in the one seat available. Once this seat is filled by the Tournament Director the tournament will be closed to all.

7. A minimum of two boats and four members are required to start a tournament.

8. Prior to the start , partners should resolve a schedule that permits equal time at the front of the boat. The contestant who is operating the boat shall have the privilege of selecting the route and the areas to be fished. However, in the event that one contestant elects not to operate the boat, and such an election is satisfactory to his partner, the contestant who waived his right to operate the boat will have the right to select areas to be fished.

9. All boats must be operated in a safe manner. Contestants must wear a coast guard approved life jacket while the combustion engine is being operated. All boats must have an operational "kill switch" . All safety equipment required by the Coast Guard, State and local regulation will be adhered to. Any infractions will result in disqualification of the offender.

10. No contestant will be allowed to fish within 50 yards of another club boat unless permission is obtained from the fisherman occupying the area in question. No fishing will be allowed in water prohibited by county, state, or federal regulations. All fishing must be conducted from the boat and contestants will not be allowed to portage boats.

11. A maximum of two rods may be used. Only casting, spinning or spincasting tackle may be used in conjunction with artificial lures or live bait. Other tackle such as flyrods or cane poles may be used during tournament hours for the purpose of catching live bait only. Any bass taken with this tackle must be released.

12. A five fish limit is allowed each angler per day unless state or local laws restrict limits to less. Fish must be a minimum of 12 inches long, unless otherwise restricted by state or local laws. Tournament Director will measure the fish with the mouth closed and tail pinched together to obtain the measurement. Contestants weighing in undersized fish will lose that fish and their largest fish of the day. The decision of the Tournament Director is final. Contestants weighing in dead fish will be penalized 0.2 lb. per dead fish. In the case of a breakdown, fish may be brought to the scales by the boaters partner, provided he can get another club boater to bring him in. If a boater is fishing by themselves and his boat breaks down , his fish may be weighed in by another club boat. Tournament winners and places will be determined by the total weight of the catch less any penalties.

13. There will be a convoy arranged, both to and from the tournament site. After pairing, partners are encouraged to agree on travel and lodging arrangements.

14. The four contestants recording the highest poundage at each tournament will be awarded cash prizes at the next meeting according to the following:
1st place 40% of Tournament Pot.
2nd place 30% of Tournament Pot
3rd place 20% of Tournament Pot
4th place 10% of Tournament Pot

*In the event a place is not filled, any moneys from that place will be carried forward to the next "fish-off pot".

15. Points for each tournament and monthly meeting will count toward the Fisherman of the Year Award in October. Points will be accrued as follows:

a. 2 points for attending the monthly meeting.
b. Fishing points (3) will be awarded to any contestant that showed up and fished the tournament regardless if he has to leave early or showed up late at the weigh in.
c. 6 points for both days of a two day tournament.
d. 1 point for wearing a Hawg Hunter shirt and hat in at least one day of a tournament.( a one year moratorium for "official" Khaki shirt is in effect until January 1, 1996.)
e. 15 points for 1st place, 14 for 2nd, 13 for 3rd, 12 for 4th, 11 for 5th, 10 for 6th, 9 for 7th, 8 for 8th, 7 for 9th, 6 for 10th, 5 for 11th, 4 for 12th, 3 for 13th, 2 for 14th, 1 for 15th.
Any member with a legal keeper fish will receive one point.
f. In the event of a tie for a tournament the tied fishermen will be awarded an equal number of points by combining the points for the tied places. In the event of a tie at the end of the year, the following tie breaker will be used in order:
1. The individual with the largest number of legal fish weighed in for the year.
2. The individual with the largest number of live fish weighed in during the year.
3. The individual with the heaviest tournament stringer of fish weighed in during the year.

16. Any protest must be filed within 15 minutes of the closing of the scales to the weigh master or any officer present. Protests will be arbitrated by the club officials present, provided none is involved in the protest. All decisions are final.

17. All tournaments shall be live release. Fish will be brought to the weigh master, placed in a plastic bag provided by the weigh master, weighed in the plastic bag, then returned to the angler for release. Fish that show any sign of life will be considered live. Members may keep a lunker for mounting.

18. An adequate number of fish may be kept in the event of a fish fry.

19. Nothing can be attached to a fish at the weigh in.

20. Only largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass will be allowed.

21. Partners are expected to share normal tournament expenses, i.e., boat and automobile gas and oil, lodging, and launch fees. The club will reimburse any member who is required to fish alone due to an odd number of fishermen upon presentation of expenses to the club treasurer.

22. A fishing partner will share expenses whether or not he rides to and from the tournament site with the boater.

23. Members in good standing shall be allowed to bring a guest to one tournament each year. A guest is defined as a non-potential member. The guest name will be included in the draw and will fish as a non-boater. The guest may only participate in the big fish pot. The guest will share the boaters expenses just as our non-boaters do.