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Fish Off Rules

Eligibility: No member will be allowed to participate in the "Fish-Off" without having participated in at least (6) of the previous (12) tournaments (current fish-off does not count in the previous 12 tournaments). All members eligible to participate and participating in the "Fish-Off" must make, or have made "Fish-Off" contributions equivalent to a minimum of ten (10) tournaments.

1. This annual tournament will be held in October in conjunction with the regular club tournament.

2. The normal tournament rules will apply.

3. This will be a two day tournament.

4. There will be two pay outs in the October tournament. The regular club tournament and a "Fishoff" pay out which will include all moneys earmarked from regular monthly tournaments and a draw down of the club treasury as follows:

After the September tournament the E-Board will meet to review the club treasury. They will set aside enough money from the general fund to pay all existing expenses, and anticipated expenses for the remainder of the year to include banquet and awards for year end. To those anticipated expenses they will add a $150.00 budget allowance to maintain in the club treasury. All remaining moneys will then be added to the "Fishoff pot".

5. Pay out will pay 5 places if the "fishoff pot" is less than $500.00 as follows:

1st place 30%
2nd place 25%
3rd place 20%
4th place 15%
5th place 10%

Ten places will be paid if the "fishoff pot" is over $500.00 as follows:

1st place 20%
2nd place 15%
3rd place 12%
4th place 11%
5th place 10%
6th place 9%
7th place 8%
8th place 7%
9th place 5%
10th place 3%