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Offical Newsletter
Pensacola Hawg Hunters

Volume: 6
Issue: 2

Brian Metcalf
Fisherman of the Year 2003

Minutes of the Meeting:

The December 2002 meeting of the Pensacola Hawg Hunters was brought to order at 7:00 p.m. on December 18, 2002. The meeting was held at the Seafood Shanty on Hwy 29 and was presided over by President Dave Dyess.There were 22 members present.

Members Of The Board:


Dave Dyess
Vice President/Treasure
Pete Potter
Rich Carnelius
Tournament Director
Neil Springstead
Asst. Tournament Director
John Buck

Old Business:

The Pensacola Hawg Hunters annual awards banquet is slated for January 24th at the Seafood Shanty. This is on a Friday night. The backup date is the 31stof January. This year we will be ordering from the menu most likely, that was the general consensus at the club meeting.
At the January meeting we will need a head count from each member to help in the planning of the banquet. The banquet's are always a lot of fun so everyone try to go and have a good time, most of all, we will all get to see Lee Brannon win his 3rd consecutive "SLAMMER AWARD."
Hope to see ya there Lee.

New Business:

Their was one new guest at the Dec. meeting who would like to be a member of the Hawg Hunters and one old member who would like to get back into the club once again, they are Troy Beedle and Frank Beckwith. Troy was sponsored by Rich Cornelius. Troy fished with Pete Potter and Frank Beckwith fished with Wally Cassiano at the Dec. tournament. We will here how the day went at the Jan. meeting.

From the tournament director,

Starting at the December tourn, a rope will be up marking the entrance to the scales, once a member enters inside the rope boundry, the fish belong to the weigh-master, period. So, if you think you have a fish that will be close on the golden rule, please check it prior to entering the scales. The golden rule mounted on the scale tub was checked for trueness.........
It checked good.


Hawg Hunter's Banquet

24 January 2003
7 pm

Seafood Shanty

$11.95 + Gratuity

December Tournament:

The December tournament was held out of Cliff's landing on the Tensaw, the morning was chilly, around 35 degrees, and the fog was somewhat dense in places. The tide was outgoing and the wind was calm in the a.m. By noon, the wind had picked up considerably and by afternoon it was downright windy which made running the river very rough, at least for some of us.
I know because my partner was in the air more than he was in the seat, partly my fault for going a little faster than I should have been. Hard to control that Yamaha power sometimes.
Anyway, back at the weigh-in,
some of the guys did fairly well and some didn't. Ron and Mack were the only two who had a limit and Ron also took the honors for big fish of the day.

Congratulations to Ron and Mack for a good day on the water. Ron was a non-boater by the way, teamed with Mr. Fred Raby, gotcha Fred. Most of the fish were caught on worms, a few on spinner baits and lizards.
The stats thus far on weighing in live fish and not dead fish are excellent, year to date, 67 fish weighed in, 0 dead.
Good job guys, keep those live- wells working and let's keep the streak going.

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Offical Newsletter
Pensacola Hawg Hunters

Tournament Standings:

Fish Weight:
1. Ron Fairbanks - 5 - 7.75
2. Mack Cramer - 5 - 7.65
3. Brian Metcalf - 3 - 5.30
4. Pete Potter - 4 - 4.95
5. Lee Brannon - 3- 3.25
6. Fred Raby - 2 - 3.10
7. N. Springstead - 2 - 2.45
8. Rich Cornelius - 2 - 2.40
9. John Buck - 1 - 1.95
10. W. Cassiano - 1 - 1.05

Also fished:
Jack Maher, Frank Kelly.

Guests were:
Troy Beedle and Frank Beckwith

January Meeting:

Location: Seafood Shanty
Date: January 15th
Time: 7:00 PM

January Tournament:

January 18th

Tournament Site:

Escambia River
Swamphouse Landing

For The Record:

Tensaw River:

Total Fish Caught 28
Total Dead Fish 0
Total Fish Weight 39.85
Total Limits 2
Tournament Big Fish 3.40
(Ron Fairbanks)

For the Year:

Total Fish Caught 67
Total Dead Fish 0
Total Fish Weight 90.40
Total Limits 5
Big Fish 3.40
(Ron Fairbanks)

From The Daily Planner:

Full Moon: December 19th
New Moon: December 4th

Peak Fishing Times:

1st 10:55am-1:34pm
2nd Dawn/Dusk


6:46 am 5:34 pm


5:34 pm 7:09 am

Tide Predictions:

High / Low
11:25 pm 10:20 am

These tides are based on Lora Point, Escambia Bay predictions.

I hope everyone had a Merry
Christmas and will enjoy a Happy New Year, everyone be safe .

Remember, No Courtesy Bumps At The Scales.

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