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Offical Newsletter
Pensacola Hawg Hunters

Volume: 6
Issue: 10

Brian Metcalf
Fisherman Of The Year 2002

Minutes of the Meeting:

The August 2003 meeting of the Pensacola Hawg Hunters was brought to order at 7:00 p.m. on August 20, 2003. The meeting was held at the Seafood Shanty on Hwy 29 and was presided over by President Dave Dyess. There were 25 members present, and one guest,
Ken Repine. Sponsored by
Wayne Thomley.

Members Of The Board:


Dave Dyess
Vice President/Treasure
Pete Potter
Rich Carnelius
Tournament Director
Neil Springstead
Asst. Tournament Director
John Buck

Old Business:

Just a reminder to the Hawghunters,
the picnic is set for Sept. 28th
and the picnic site is reserved.
Pete Potter will ask for a head
count at the September meeting, this includes family members. Pete needs an accurate count so he can plan accordingly, food, etc. The picnic is always a fun time so everyone try and be there if at all possible. Frank Kelly has volunteered to do the cooking this year. Sorry Don Jahnke, we will all feel much safer. Some of the activities that will be going on are horse shoes, putt putt golf, and frisby. Maybe Neil would like a shot at the horse shoe title again this year.
Pete will have more info on the fish fry he is planning for Lake Martin at the September meeting.
The Hawghunters would like to welcome their newest member to the club, E.W. Coombs, (earth worm) from parts unknown. Having fished with E.W. myself on occasions, I know he will keep us in stitche

New Business:

September is the month to submit change proposal's to the club constitution and or club and fish-off rules. These rules must be in writing and will be discussed at the September meeting. There will be no discussion at the October mtg. Volunteers for the nominating committee so far are as follows: Brian Metcalf for President, Pete Potter for Vice President/ Treasurer, Neil Springstead for Tournament Director, Kevin Simmons or Jeff Weaver for Secretary and Walter McCartney for Assistant Tournament Director. If anyone else
interested in running for office for the upcoming 2004 season, please notify Dave or Pete.
The following members are
not eligible at the present time for the 2003 fish-off:

Stacy Blackburn
Charles Cetti
Randy Cole
Don Jahnke
Frank Beckwith
E.W. Coombs
Excluding next month's tour-
nament, the following members
are eligible for the fish-off but
will owe an equivalent fee:
If the following members do
participate in the September
tournament, subtract $5.00 from
the amount shown below.

Jim Bailey,sr. $10
Ron Fairbanks $5
Jere Jaillite $15
Frank Kelly $5
Terry Smith $15
Troy Beedle $25
Tony Boyett $20
Wally Cassiano $15
Dave Dyess $20
Walter McCartney $5
Fred Raby $5
Kevin Simmons $10
Paul Sullivan $10
Wayne Thomley $20
Jeff Weaver $5

Keep in mind these fee's are in addition to the October tournament fee's. If anyone has any questions contact the club secretary. The club thanks Mack Cramer for the very interesting seminar on battery jumping, it will save you a lot of money if you adhere to it. Remember , if you have a jumper wire on your battery system, always disconnect it and turn the key to the off position before hooking up jumper cables. If anyone has any new ideas for the Hawghunter's web page, contact Jim Bailey, sr.

Hawg Want A Be Dept:

~Know Your Hawgs~

Say hello to Ken Repine.
Ken is sponsored into the club by his Bro-In-Law WayneThomley.
Ken doesn't own a boat so he will fish as a nonboater.
That will be a BIG PLUS for him come voting night.
Ken is retired after 30 long years of service with the
Escambia County Sherffs Dept. and sits at home with his wife Wanda trying to think up way's
on how to get away from the honey-do's.
hence!...A new Hawg Hunter Welcome aboard Ken.
Watch him guys...I think he gave me a speeding ticket once.


The August tournament was held on the Blackwater River out of the Carpenters Park. There were 23 Hawg Hunters and 1 guest present to fish at safe daylight.
This was the last tournament of the season with a 2 P.M. weigh in, the remaining tournaments for this season will have a 4 P.M. weigh in. As usual this season, conditions were not favorable for a good day of fishing, high water and an incoming tide was the factors.
It was a tough day of fishing even though the weather held up till around noon when the bottom fell out with the usual heavy down pours. I think most fish were caught on soft plastics and a few on top water, but there were no limits caught. Only 12 of 24 brought fish to the scales.

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Offical Newsletter
Pensacola Hawg Hunters

AugustTournament Cont:

Brian Metcalf took big fish honors with a nice 4.75 pounder that looked liked it should have weighed 6 or 7 lbs according to it's length. Brian also took 1st place with a total of 7.05 lbs. Lee Brannon came in second with 3 nice fish that weighed 6.75 . Wayne Thomley finished 3rd with a total of 5.45 and Rich Cornelius took 4th with 4.40. Good job to all who caught a keeper fish.

Tournament Standings:

Blackwater River
Fish Weight

1. Brian Metcalf - 3 fish - 7.05
2. Lee Brannon - 3 fish - 6.75
3. Wayne Thomley - 2 fish - 5.45
4. Rich Cornelius - 2 fish - 4.40
5. Dave Dyess - 3 fish - 3.55
6. Neil Springstead - 1 fish - 2.90
7. Pete Potter - 2 fish - 2.75
8. Mack Cramer - 1 fish - 1.55
9. John Buck - 1 fish - 1.30
10. Frank Kelly - 1 fish - 1.15
11. E.W. Coombs - 1 fish - 1.05
12. Jim Bailey, sr. - 1 fish - 1.00

Also Fished:
Stacy Blackburn, Jeff Weaver,
Jere Jaillite, Fred Raby,
WallyCassiano, WalterMcCartney, Ron Fairbanks, Terry Smith,
Don Jahnke, Tony Boyett,
Kevin Simmons, and one guest,
Ken Repine

For The Record:

Blackwater River:

Total Fish Caught 21
Total Dead Fish 2
Total Fish Weight 38.90
Total Limits 0
Tournament Big Fish 4.75
(Brian Metcalf)

For the Year:

Total Fish Caught 423
Total Dead Fish 16

Total Fish Weight 625.60
Total Limits 27
Big Fish 6.00
(Tony Boyett)

September Meeting:

Location: Seafood Shanty
Date: September 17th
Time: 7:00 PM


September Tournament:

September 20th & 21st
Weigh In:
4 pm


Tournament Site:

Breakaway Lodge

From The Daily Planner:

Full Moon: September 10th

Peak Fishing Times:

1st - Dawn
2nd - 6:40 am - 10:24 am

1st - Dawn
2nd - 7:37 am - 11:15 am

Hawg Hunter's:

No Courtesy Bumps At The Scales

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