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Offical Newsletter
Pensacola Hawg Hunters

Volume: 6
Issue: 7

Brian Metcalf
Fisherman of the Year 2003

Minutes of the Meeting:

The May 2003 meeting of the Pensacola Hawg Hunters was brought to order at 7:00 p.m. on May 21, 2003. The meeting was held at the Seafood Shanty on Hwy 29 and was presided over by President Dave Dyess. There were 16 members present.

Members Of The Board:


Dave Dyess
Vice President/Treasure
Pete Potter
Rich Carnelius
Tournament Director
Neil Springstead
Asst. Tournament Director
John Buck

Old Business:

John Buck has new hats for those who would like to purchase one.
The cost is $15.00 each and he also has new shirts on hand.
The cost per shirt w/ name and monogram is around $73.00 each. Contact John Buck prior to the next meeting if you need a hat or shirt so he can get them ready.

Mack Cramer nominated Jack Maher as a lifetime member of the Pensacola Hawg Hunters Bass Club, the vote was unanimous.
The club will also present Jack with a "Letter of Appreciation" for his involvement and dedication to the Pensacola Hawg Hunters Bass Club.

New Business:

No new business was discussed.


The May tournament was held at Miller's Ferry out of Roland Cooper State Park. The tournament was originally scheduled out of Ellis landing but do to high water, we changed launch sites. There were 14 Hawg Hunters present to fish at safe daylight. The fog moved in heavy the first morning, causing a few of the boats to stay close, those who were equipped with G.P.S. could have made their run and some did, but some didn't want to take the chance, G.P.S. units don't show tree's floating down the river, and believe me, there was a lot of debris coming down the river and fast.
It seemed that the bite was on and off several times during the day, but the bite was there if you could find water with some high bank. Most of the fish were caught on spinner baits and jigs. Day one weigh in proved it was a tough day on the water, only two limits were brought to the scales, Brian Metcalf and Rich Cornelius had a little luck on their side. Brian also had the big fish for day one, a nice fish weighing in at 4.30 lbs. Day two proved even tougher, three fish was the most any one person had, but some bigger fish were brought to the scales, the top water bite paid off for Tony Boyett, he had three nice fish which tipped the scales at 10.75 lbs. His big fish was a monster, weighing in at 6 pounds even, great job Tony. Unfortunately, Tony was not in the "Booray Pots" and missed out on a great deal of cash. Bad for him, great news to everyone else. Tony did jump from 5th place to 1st for the tournament and also took over big fish of the year honors up to this date.
Great job Tony.
The top four for the tournament were:
1- Tony Boyett
2- Brian Metcalf
3- Rich Cornelius
4- Wayne Thomley

The next three tournaments will have a 2 p.m. weigh in, so keep that in mind.

Tournament Standings:

Miller's Ferry
Fish Weight

1. Tony Boyett - 5 fish - 14.45
2. Brian Metcalf - 8 fish - 13.40
3. Rich Cornelius - 7 fish - 8.90
4. Wayne Thomley - 4 fish - 8.20
5. John Buck - 6 fish - 7.75
6. Mack Cramer - 4 fish - 6.35
7. Paul Sullivan - 4 fish - 6.25
8. Wayne McCartney - 3 fish - 4.70
9. Troy Beedle - 2 fish - 4.05
10. Pete Potter - 2 fish - 3.50
11. Terry Smith - 1 fish - 1.95
12. Ron Fairbanks - 1 fish - 1.60

Also Fished:
Frank Kelly, Neil Springstea

For The Record:

Miller's Ferry:

Total Fish Caught 47
Total Dead Fish 2
Total Fish Weight 81.10
Total Limits 2
Tournament Big Fish 6.00
(Tony Boyett)

For the Year:

Total Fish Caught 308
Total Dead Fish 4

Total Fish Weight 454.20
Total Limits 21
Big Fish 6.00
(Tony Boyett)

Nominations for "Slammer"

Ron Fairbanks
Hawg Hunter's:

No Courtesy Bumps At The Scales

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Offical Newsletter
Pensacola Hawg Hunters

June Meeting:

Location: Seafood Shanty
Date: June 18 st
Time: 7:00 PM

June Tournament:

June 21st

Tournament Site:

Mobile River
Mt. Vernon Landing

From The Daily Planner:

Full Moon: June 14th
New Moon: June 29th

Tide Predictions:

Mobile River

Low / High
3:18 am - 5:19 pm

Peak Fishing Times:

1st - 6:19 a.m.-8:15 a.m.
2nd - 6:44 p.m. - 8:40 p.m.


Sunrise Sunset:
5:48 am 7:59 pm

Moonrise Moonset:

Moonrise Moonset

5:59 PM 3:52 am

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