Offical Newsletter
Pensacola Hawg Hunters

Constitution, Tournament & Fish Off
Rule Changes

Listed below are the 2004 Constitution, Tournament & Fish Off rule changes
that passed at the October 15th club meeting.

Article III Section 1 paragraph F

Environmental Officer:

Responsibility for policing and maintaining current environmental policies, laws, and regulations.
Not a voting member on the E-Board


Omit this rule.

Tournament Rule: Rule #1

In order to receive credit for fishing a club tournament, a member must;
Be in good standing.
Tournament fees paid.
Actually fish the tournament (defined as launching boat and having boat number called out.)
Members who pay their fees and do not fish the tournament will receive their Points but will not receive credit for the tournament as one of the previous 6 tournaments fished to qualify for the fish off, however, the $5.00 contribution paid will count towards the fish off.

Tournament Rule # 5

Partners will be chosen by random draw conducted by the Tournament Director.

It is each mans responsibility to notify both the Tournament Director and his partner if he is unable to participate, giving as much advance notice as possible. Each boat will contain two contestants.
However, a club member will be allowed to fish alone if pairing of two club members would not allow a potential member to fish his guest tournament, or an odd number of participants exists.

Tournament Rule # 8

Prior to the start, partners should resolve a schedule that permits equal time at the TROLLING MOTOR .
The contestant who is operating the TROLLING MOTOR shall have the privilege of selecting the route to be fished. However, in the event that one contestant elects not to operate TROLLING MOTOR, and such election is satisfactory with his partner, the contestant who waived his right to operate the TROLLING MOTOR will have the right to select areas to be fished.

Tournament Rule # 12

A five fish limit will be allowed each angler per day unless state and local restrict limits to less. Fish must be a minimum of 12 inches long, unless otherwise restricted by state or local laws.The tournament director will determine 12 inches with the mouth open/closed , pinched/fanned tail . The goal is to use every means possible to obtain 12 inches. This does not include altering the fish.

Tournament Rule # 17

All tournaments shall be live release. Fish will be brought to the weigh master in a bag provided by the angler and given to the weigh master . Fish will be weighed , and then returned to the water for release. Fish that show signs of life will be considered alive. Members may keep lunker for mounting.

Tournament Rule # 18

An adequate number of fish may be kept in the event of a fish fry.


Omit rule 18

Fish Off Rules

No member will be allowed to participate in the fish off without having participated in at least six of the previous 12 tournaments (current fish off does not count in the previous 12 tournaments).
All members eligible to participate and participating in the fish off Must make, or have made fish off contributions equivalent to a minimum of 12 tournaments.