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Lake Seminole


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#1 Wally Cassiano
#2 Jack Maher
#3 Jim Bray
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Jim Bailey Jr.
Wally Cassiano

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"Randy's Club Report"
Covering the Pensacola Hawg Hunters

Lake Seminole
Chattahoochee Park

March 20-21, 1999

This Month's Report By
John Buck

The March tournament was held out of Chattahoochee Park on Lake Seminole on March 20 & 21. The water was as pretty as could be and Saturday morning the weather was perfect, a bit cool at the blast-off but warming during the day to the 70's. We had 12 boats in search of the “big one”.

Everyone was really excited about fishing ol’ Seminole, as it had
been about 2 years since we had fished a club tourney there. My partner (Mike Bice) and I started out fishing around the grass flats near Seminole lodge and picked up a couple of small fish on “traps”. Then we headed up the Hootch to an area we call the graveyard. There we were able to pick up another keeper and a nice striper on spinners. Then we ran up river to
check out some spots of mine which proved to be a great waste of time as the water was messed up in the flats I wanted to fish. We decided to headback down to four foot ditch and saw plenty of alligators sunning there.

Mike was on his “guest” tournament and is from south Florida and was not used to fishing the flooded and submerged timber, but it didn’t take him long to catch on. It was really nice to have a partner who knew how to help rock the boat to help us dislodge from the many treetops we stuck on while working the timber. He also did a great job with the net in helping land a 4.9 lb bass that ate my watermelon seed Gillraker worm.

From there we went to Sping Creek where Mike promptly caught a nice 3 lb bass on a spinner and lost another shortly afterward. We decided that we had our plan for the 2nd day, and raced to Spring creek the next morning. Soon after arriving the wind picked up to about 30 mph and literally blew us around all day...With the cold front we didn’t catch a fish the 2nd day, in fact very few people did.

The “old man” in the club kicked our buts this time...Wally Cassiano came in with a beautiful creel of bass both days for a total of 7 fish weighing 20.25 lbs. He really had some nice fish. And to add insult to injury he also had the lunker on Sunday 5.5 lbs and won the “golf ball” draw.
A really big win for him...Congratulations Wally !!!!!!
Not to be forgotten was Jack Maher (12.94 lbs.) and Jim Bray (12.65 lbs), who also had nice stringers and finished 2nd and 3rd respectively. Jim Bailey Jr came in with two real nice fish including Saturday’s lunker of 5.1 lbs. Including guests we had 24 fishermen and had a total weight of 165.94 lbs.

It was really nice to see former Hawg Hunter Ed Cox visiting with us. Ed lives in Washington state, but hasn’t lost his love for bass fishing and is still telling those crazy funny stories. Great to see you again Ed!!!!! Overall we had a really good trip and I think everyone enjoyed themselves a lot (especially the breakfast at the “Blue Parrot”). Our next tourney is at Lake Matrin out of Wind Creek State Park. Until then..keep your lines tight and your hooks sharp !!!!!!!

Creek Chub

Angler Fish Caught Weight
Wally Cassiano 7 20.25
Jack Maher 5 12.94
Jim Bray 6 12.65
Jim Bailey Jr. 3 12.30
Dave Dyess 6 12.00
Jeff Weaver 6 11.95
Paul Sullivan 5 11.80
Fred Raby 5 9.05
Stan Wright 3 8.05
John Buck 3 7.20
John Schaeff 3 6.55
Don Jahnke 4 6.00
Mack Cramer 3 5.75
Neil Springstead 3 5.25
Jim Bailey Sr. 3 4.55
Bob Hanson 2 4.50
Pete Potter 3 4.35
Jere Jaillite 2 3.40
Lee Brannon 2 2.80
Cliff Armstrong 1 1.80
Jim Cowley 0 0
Rich Renner 0 0
Kevin Simmons 0 0
Mike Bice ( Guest ) 1 2.85