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#1 Jack Maher
#2 Lee Brannon
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Jim Bailey Jr.

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"Randy's Club Report"
Covering the Pensacola Hawg Hunters
Tensaw River
Mizell's Landing

January 23, 1999

Hard to believe but we left Pensacola in a rain storm and arrived in mobile to a clear sky and no rain. The ramp and landing had a bit of high water, but not a big problem...except for Bob. Now "Big Fish" Bob Hanson was fishing with Wally Cassiano. The water was moving pretty quick down there near the landing, and was blowing Wallys new bass tub into the dock, when Bob went to prevent it from hitting, that boat just shoved him right off the dock!

We blasted off right at daybreak in search of Mr. Largemouth. I had the pleasure of fishing this month with , you guessed it, Rich Reinner. We went to a place called McVay's, turns out a lot of other people had the same idea! One stretch of bank in there kept producing fish on every pass so we spent quite awhile fishing it, we caught quite a few fish, problem was we would catch a keeper at a rate of about one per 4-5 fish caught. I let Rich know he wouldn't hurt my feelings if he caught the first and he didn't mind obliging me in the least. He caught the first at 7:00am, I caught the second at 8:00am.
At about 9:00am it was his turn, he hooked a nice one! We found Crank baits seemed to be the ticket and as he brought that fish to the boat we could see he was not hooked well, but before either of us could utter a word he was gone! We were both able to catch two keeper fish for the day with 2.90 pounds for Rich and 2.95 pounds for me.

The weather? Well we started this story off about the weather so lets finish it up with the weather. The day could not have been more beautiful! Water temp ranged from 61-65 degrees, the wind was a little stronger than light , but not bad. The air temperature was in the low 70's, no jacket required! The sky was Blue with occasional wispy clouds! And best of all the fish were biting!

The guys had a good laugh at the weigh in about the phone call to Neal about the weather, what can I say, they ARE easily amused! All I can say is I am glad I didn't have to listen to his wife! HA!

Please see the tournament result page for the fish weights and winners! Congratulations to Jack Maher who took First place! Next month we fish the Perdido.

Angler Fish Caught Weight
Jack Maher 5 8.35
Lee Brannon 5 7.70
Brian Metcalf 5 7.25
John Scheaff 5 6.50
Don Jahnke 3 6.15
Jim Bailey Jr. 2 5.30
Neil Springstead 3 4.65
Mack Cramer 2 4.60
Jeff Weaver 3 4.00
Stan Wright 1 3.40
John Buck 1 3.00
Randy Cole 2 2.95
Rich Renner 2 2.90
Jere Jaillite 2 2.60
Jim Bolleter 1 1.90
Jim Bray 1 1.60
Dave Dyess 1 1.55
Fred Raby 1 1.20
Jim Bailey Sr. 0 0
Tommy Buck 0 0
Wally Cassiano 0 0
Bob Hanson 0 0
Frank Kelly 0 0
Pete Potter 0 0
David Powell 0 0
Kevin Simmons 0 0
Guest Cliff Armstrong 1 1.25
Guest Drew Brown 1 2.25