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#1 Dave Dyess
#2 Brian Metcalf
#3 Randy Cole
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"Randy's Club Report"
Covering the Pensacola Hawg Hunters
Apalachacola River
End Of The Road Landing
August 9, 1997

The August Tournament took 17 anglers of the Pensacola Hawg Hunters to the "End of The Road" Landing on the Apalachicola River. Several Anglers prefished on Friday before the tournament and reports were coming back that several four pound fish had been caught. We were excited, we new we were going to be hauling them in all day long! Saturday arrived with mild temperatures, around 85, with a good breeze. As the day progressed the breeze turned into a rather enjoyable rainstorm. Once that subsided the sun broke through and as you can expect, it became HOT. I decided to fish near the landing as the blast off whistle sounded, the area looked good, lots of structure and I had never been there before so I thought I would let a little more sunlight come out prior to my exploration of the river, As it turned out it was a good choice. When I finally decided to move I couldn't get any water pressure to the big engine so we continued to fish the same bank all day. Eleven anglers were able to bring 24 fish to the scales with a total weight of 33.75 pounds. First place honors went to Dave Dyess with 4 fish at 5.50 pounds. Second place went to Brian Metcalf with 4 fish at 5.45 pounds and third place went to yours truly with 3 fish at 4.95 pounds. I was also able to squeak out big fish with a fat fish that weighed 2.40 pounds. Next month will take us to lake Seminole!

Angler Fish Caught Weight
Dave Dyess 4 5.50
Brian Metcalf 4 5.45
Randy Cole-BF-2.40 3 4.95
Rich Renner 2 2.75
John Buck 2 2.75
Jim Bray 2 2.70
Stan Wright 2 2.30
Walley Cassiano 2 2.15
Jere Jaillite 1 2.05
Don Jahnke 1 1.80
Tommy Buck 1 1.35
Neil Springstead 0 0.00
Mike Crosett 0 0.00
Bob Hanson 0 0.00
Jim Bailey, Sr. 0 0.00
Lee Brannon 0 0.00
Fred Raby 0 0.00