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#1 Brian Metcalf
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"Randy's Club Report"
Covering the Pensacola Hawg Hunters
Tensaw River
Upper Bryants Landing
July 18, 1998

Well it has been awhile since I was able to fish and then write a story about it, feel a bit rusty, but here goes. The Pensacola Hawg Hunters went back to the Tensaw River this month and fished out of the Upper Bryants landing, at least that is where we launched the boats. We had 9 boats and 17 members fishing this past weekend. The day started out warm and the temperatures did nothing but go up from there. Temperature wise it wasn't bad in the morning, it was overcast with a slight breeze, but it did not last!

My Partner this month was fishing as a guest, which meant he was getting a chance to evaluate us and we were getting a chance to evaluate him. I don't think I could have asked for a better partner, he brought plenty to drink and eat, which he graciously offer to share with me, he would get hung up and before I could ask if he needed me to back up to retrieve his hook he would break it off , he didn't want to disturb my fishing pattern as I was just loading the boat! Thanks Frank!

Like I said early we launched from Upper Bryants Landing, and I am sure someone stayed by the landing but there were many of us down south. I personally went to Lake Negro, fished some on the main river down by Cliffs Landing, worked our way back up to Upper Bryants Landing. While we were down by Cliffs it surprised me, not, to see several of our club members down there. One angler, John Buck had plenty of company fishing with him, I am not sure they could fit any more boats along that bank! I guess someone leaked out where the fish were located because he had plenty of company. John did manage to catch some fish and finish third.

Even with the record low water, high air temperatures and high water temperature (88-92 degrees) some anglers, not me, were able to boat some bass. Congratulations to Brian Metcalf who caught Five fish that weighed 8.65 pounds, one of which weighed 3.20. Brian secured first place and Lunker. Coming in second, for the second month in a row!, was Rich Reinner who caught three fish weighing 5.10, pretty good for a back seater!. John Buck was able to hang on to third place with two fish for a total of 4.45 pounds!

On a side note: The Hawg Hunters presently use the Golden Rule belly board to measure their fish. Fish that measure on the Yellow floating belly board that we used to measure fish with will measure shorter on the "golden rule". This was demonstrated at weigh in this past month by Pete Potter who had five fish. One received a courteousy bump prior to official weighing and was short, the other four had bumped on the yellow board, two came up short when bumped on the golden rule. Unfortunately, the penalty was disqualification of that fish and his big fish, which left one to officially weigh in. Remember this when a fish is close and check it with the golden rule. The results of this tournament are as follows: Next Month we Fish Perdido!

Angler Fish Caught Weight
Brian Metcalf 5 8.65
Rich Renner 3 5.10
John Buck 2 4.45
Wally Cassiano 4 4.20
Jack Maher 2 2.45
Lee Brannon 2 2.20
Fred Raby 1 1.45
Kevin Simmons 1 1.30
Dave Dyess 1 1.15
Pete Potter 0 0
Randy Cole 0 0
John Schaeff 0 0
Jim Cowley 0 0
Jim Bray 0 0
Stan Wright 0 0
Neil Springstead 0 0
Pete Potter 0 0
Neil Springstead 0 0
Danny Prescott 0 0
Dave Powell ( Guest ) 0 0
Frank Kelly ( Guest ) 0 0