John Buck
John's Club Report
Covering The Pensacola Hawg Hunters
2009 Season

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Founded In 1975

June Tournament
Total Number Fished Tournament 21

Total Fish Caught 33
Total Dead Fish 3
Total Limits 1
Big Fish
Total Fish Weight 40.10 lbs

Total Year Standings
Total Number Fished For Year 140

Total Fish Caught 346
Total Dead Fish 5
Total Limits 25
Big Fish
Total Fish Weight 507.63 lbs

1st Place
Jeff Weaver
4 Fish 7.88 lbs
2nd Place
Buddy Yates
5 Fish 5.92 lbs
3rd Place
Frank Kelly
3 Fish 4.83 lbs
4th Place
Dan Nash
3 Fish 3.56 lbs

Place Name Fish Weight
1. Jeff Weaver 4 7.88
2. Buddy Yates 5 5.92
3. Frank Kelly 3 4.83
4. Dan Nash 3 3.56
5. Dave Dyess 3 3.30
6. Jere Jaillite 3 2.99
7. Mack Cramer 3 2.70
8. Bob Hanson 2 1.80

*** Tournament Big Fish ***
Jeff Weaver
3.12 lbs

Also Fished
Lee Brannon - Billy Myrick - Ken Repine
Donnie Lewis - Jim Bailey Jr

Place Name Fish Weight
9. John Buck 1 1.08
9. Randy Cole 1 1.08
11. Tony Boyett 1 1.07
12. Jim Bailey Sr 1 1.06
12. Marc Churchwell 1 1.06
14. Dave Bock 1 .89
15. Ron Bridges 1 .88
16. Rick Howard (Guest) 1 .82


Tensaw River
June 20, 2009
Cliff's Landing

We had a good group out fishing this month (20 members and 1 guest), or maybe I should say trying to survive the heat. Air temps near the 100 mark with heat indexes well around 106 greeted the Hawg Hunters as we tried our luck on the Tensaw River. We fished out of Cliff's Landing.
Water temps hovered above 90 all day from pre-sunrise until we quit at 2 PM, and we had an incoming tide for most of the morning.
Water color was muddy in the main river and the creeks that I saw still had a good stain.

Ron Bridges and I started out fishing in Miflin and in Tensaw Lake below Live Oak. We found many pods of fry or either small bait fish in Miflin and in the feeder creeks there but could not buy a hit no matter what we threw. After about an hour of nothing I lucked out and got a small keeper to hit a buzzbait. We each managed to catch a couple of short fish on worms and Ron managed a small keeper on a worm also.
We tried the main river, creek mouths, back in the creeks and even sand bars and a few flats and ledges but no fish. They just would not bite for us.
We had an enjoyable time fishing together and swapped many stories and tales and did our best to endure the heat.
When the fish ain't biting that's the next best thing.

At the scales we all basically had similar stories…few or no bites and few or no fish. However as always someone finds a few. Taking 4th place was Dan Nash with 3 fish @ 3.56 lbs. The third slot went to Frank Kelly, who had 3 fish for 4.83 lbs. Buddy Yates (who I think is the most consistent fisherman in the group right now) had 5 fish @ 5.92 lbs. Jeff Weaver took first place with 4 fish at 7.88 lbs. He also had lunker @ 3.12 lbs.

Most of the fish were caught on dark colored worms. The winning stringer came from the middle delta area off grass. Most of the others found the few fish they did catch scattered on ledges, grass, and wood. Overall fishing was lousy.
My hat is off to the top 4 finishers because it was truly a tough day to find the bass.

Our next meeting is July 15, and the next tournament is at Holly Creek on the Alabama River.
Make your plans to attend the meeting and fish the tournament.

Keep Your Hooks Sharp!