John Buck
John's Club Report
Covering The Pensacola Hawg Hunters
2009 Season

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Founded In 1975

January Tournament
Total Number Fished Tournament 19

Total Fish Caught 23
Total Dead Fish 0
Total Limits 0
Big Fish
Total Fish Weight 26.99 lbs

Total Year Standings
Total Number Fished For Year 51

Total Fish Caught 77
Total Dead Fish 2
Total Limits 3
Big Fish
Total Fish Weight 84.56 lbs

Place Name Fish Weight
1. Dave Dyess 3 4.85
2. Bob Hanson 3 3.29
3. Frank Dodge 3 3.06
4. Jeff Weaver 3 2.72
5. Jim Bailey Sr 2 2.47
6. Jere Jaillite 2 2.24

Big Fish Winner

Dave Dyess
2.59 lbs

*** Tournament Winner ***
Dave Dyess

Also Fished
Dave Bock - Marc Churchwell - Don Jahnke
Ken Repine - Dan Nash
Ron Bridges - Buddy Yates
Place Name Fish Weight
7. Kevin Simmons 2 2.23
8. Lee Brannon 1 1.84
9. Bill Myrick 1 1.25
10. Randy Cole 1 1.14
11. Mack Cramer 1 .99
12. Frank Kelly 1 .91

Big Fish Of The Year

Dave Dyess
2.59 lbs


JANUARY 24, 2009

The Hawg Hunters returned to the Escambia River for their January 2009 tournament. 17 members and 2 guests launched out of Smith's Landing on a day that held out more promise of rain than it did for large stringers of fish. The strongest cold front of the year had moved through the area earlier in the week bring with it two nights of hard freezes. While the air temperature had moderated somewhat and we had a rather comfortable mid to upper fifty's temperature range at launch time, it soon became evident that the effects of the cold front had not moderated with the fish.

At blast-off my partner, Ron Bridges, (one of our two guests) and I motored slowly over to a deep bank just north of the highway ninety bridge that I like to fish. I had caught a couple of fish off this bank, including a nice keeper,
about two weeks earlier so I thought that I would give it a try.
After about 30 - 45 minutes without so much as a bump we decided that it was time to move on to plan B.
Plan B was the top end of Thermal Canal where several nice keepers were caught the week before by me and Jim Bailey Sr.
Once again the results were the same! Nil, Nada, Zilch….
Not even a tug on our line. It was about this time that those little circles started to appear on the surface of the water that necessitated the donning of rain suits. With it now raining on my parade and no cooperation from the fish, I decided that I would run north to one of my favorite "secret" holes. (Beck's lake is about as secret as Bill Clinton's sex life!!!) On this particular day however, the first spot that I stopped at did produce a keeper fish on a baby brush hog (or as my late fishing buddy, Wayne Gant, use to call them "a hubba bubba") well this hubba bubba was green pumpkin in color. After fishing most of Beck Lake and only getting my line pulled once more it was time to move on.

Sticking our nose in Horseshoe Lake, we found Don Jahnke and his partner, Mark Churchwell. I wasn't surprised to see them in there as Don had won a December tournament out of there a number of years ago, and Mark and I had done well in Horseshoe on several occasions that we had fished together. My only surprise was that they hadn't done anything and in fact claimed that they hadn't even had bite. By now the tide was at its lowest and it was time to head back south. Ron and I spent the last couple of hours in the grass and I was able to pick up another small keeper on a crank bait and a dink on the green pumpkin hubba bubba. Ron wasn't able to put a fish in the boat, but in fairness to him, he was only fishing for the lunker pot so was only fishing for a big fish.

At weigh-in time, it became clear just how hard a day it was. Over a third of us weren't able to produce a fish and quite a number were only able to produce one. As usual however, several people were able to dig out a respectable stringer. Dave Dyess managed to get the win with three fish weighing 4.85 lbs which included the tournament lunker at 2.59lbs. "Big Fish Bob" Hanson had 2nd place with 3 fish weighing 3.29 lbs.
Our newest member, Frank Dodge, grabbed the 3rd slot with 3 fish for 3.06 lbs. Rounding out the honors in 4th was
Jeff Weaver with 3 fish weighing 2.72 lbs.

Our next club meeting will be on February 18th, at which time I look forward to the opportunity of voting in our two tournament guest.
Ron Bridges, fished with me and proved to be a good partner. Our other guest, Buddy Yates, fished with Bill Myrick (sorry Buddy) and I look forward to hearing what Bill has to say about him. After talking with Buddy on several occasions, I can't image Bill having anything but good things to say. For our next tournament, we return to the Tensaw River out of Cliff's Landing. Hopefully by then John will return from doing his "facial" thing and be able to write his own report. John I know that you're trying to make yourself prutty with this facial thing,
but it ain't going to work.

On another good note, a former member, Dewayne Kimbro, showed up at the weigh-in. Dewayne had to let his membership lapse, and it was good to see him again. Dewayne if you want come out and play with us again, you're more than welcome to,
and I know that we can always find a seat in someone's boat for you.

Until the Tensaw, all you Hawg Hunters keep your hooks sharp and your line tight.