John Buck
John's Club Report
Covering The Pensacola Hawg Hunters
2009 Season

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Founded In 1975

December Tournament
Total Number Fished Tournament 16
Total Fish Caught
Total Dead Fish 1
Total Limits 1
Big Fish
Total Fish Weight 18.40 lbs

Total Year Standings
Total Number Fished For Year 32
Total Fish Caught
Total Dead Fish 2
Total Limits 3
Big Fish
Total Fish Weight 57.57 lbs

Place Name Fish Weight
1. Mack Cramer 5 6.14
2. Glenn Kittrell 2 2.13
3. John Buck 2 2.10
4. Lee Brannon 1 2.04

Big Fish Winner

Lee Brannonr
2.04 lbs

*** Tournament Winner ***
Mack Cramer
Also Fished

Jere Jaillite - Jim Bailey Sr - Bob Hanson
Dave Bock - Marc Churchwell
Ken Repine - Kevin Simmons
Frank Dodge
Place Name Fish Weight
5. Bill Myrick 2 1.97
6. Jeff Weaver 2 1.83
7. Don Jahnky 1 1.27
8. Randy Cole 1 .92

Big Fish Of The Year

Lee Brannonr
2.04 lbs


DECEMBER 13, 2008

The Hawg Hunters fished the December tournament out of Scott's on the Mobile causeway. We had 15 members and one guest (Frank Dodge).
The morning started clear and cold with an outgoing tide that fell for most of the day. We had had a strong front come through the area for 2 days prior to the tournament and that made conditions really tough. Basically we had an east wind that switched to the south late in the day.

My partner was Frank Dodge (a guest). We decided to start out in crab creek, and when we arrived we found several other boats already there.
There was plenty of room and no real shortage of short fish. We just never could find the keepers. We tried spinner baits and worms but only got fish on green pumpkin worms and a few on junebug. After working the area pretty hard we decided to try another location. We ran to Bay Minette and to Yancy Bayou. We each found a keeper on the island in Bay Minette Bay and found another one each in Yancy. That was our day.
Oh yeah I did pull up a couple of nice flounder, but turned them loose for others to catch. We had an enjoyable day fishing with each other but the fishing was tough…real tough.

At the scales there were many long faces. We really figured that most of the guys would have good bags of fish but that was not the case.
Only 8 managed to bring in a keeper. Mack Cramer found 5 little green trout @ 6.14lbs. Glen Kittrell was 2nd with 2 fish @ 2.13 lbs.
I managed to take 3rd with 2 fish @ 2,10 lbs. Lee (Lunker Man) Brannon took 4th with 1 fish and lunker @ 2.04 lbs. Had Frank (guest) been able to weigh his fish, he would have been in the money! Good job Frank and thanks for fishing with us.

Not a good showing at all for the delta this time of the year. Small fish were plentiful for all of us but the keepers were not to be found.
They have got to be there but maybe we were just not in the right places or maybe trying the wrong depths. We felt like we were close but never could find the right ticket. Maybe next time will be better. Most of the guys reported trying a variety of baits but the old plastic worms in junebug and green pumpkin were the lures that got the keepers.

Next month we return to the Escambia River out of Smith's. Make your plans to attend the meeting and fish the tournament.
Now is the time to start accumulating those points for fisherman of the year so make every effort to attend the meetings and fish the tournaments. With the group we have now it should be a very interesting year in the tournament standings. I hope to see you all there.

‘Til next time….Keep Your Hooks Sharp!