John Buck
John's Club Report
Covering The Pensacola Hawg Hunters
2009 Season

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Founded In 1975

April Tournament
Total Number Fished Tournament 18

Total Fish Caught 84
Total Dead Fish 0
Total Limits 7
Big Fish
Total Fish Weight 110.67 lbs

Total Year Standings
Total Number Fished For Year 102

Total Fish Caught 251
Total Dead Fish 2
Total Limits 16
Big Fish
Total Fish Weight 371.27 lbs

Place Name Fish Weight
1. Lee Brannon 10 14.80
2. Kevin Simmons 10 14.72
3. Jeff Weaver 10 13.31
4. Dan Nash 6 9.32
5. Ron Bridges 5 8.62
6. Buddy Yates 8 8.61
7. Don Jahnke 7 8.37

Big Fish Winner

Lee Brannon
4.72 lbs

*** Tournament Winner ***
Lee Brannon

Paid But Did Not Fish
Mack Cramer - Billy Myrick - Bob Hanson

Donnie Lewis

Place Name Fish Weight
8. John Buck 5 7.16
9. Jere Jaillite 6 6.34
10. Dave Bock 5 5.77
11. Jim Bailey Sr 5 5.13
12. Ken Repine 3 4.17
13. Frank Kelly 3 3.05
14. Frank Dodge 1 1.30

Big Fish Of The Year
Jere Jaillite
6.98 lbs


APRIL 18-19, 2009

Central Alabama's Lake Martin was the site of our April tournament. We had not fished there in 4 years and everyone was looking forward testing their skills against the large mouths and spotted bass that inhabit the lake.

The water was stained in the upper portions, and as usual, very clear in the bottom end of the lake. Basically the temps ranged from 62- 65.
The lake was at full pool. Skies were mostly cloudy and winds were 15-20 with occasional higher gusts.
The main lake areas were really rough for the most part.

Dan Nash was my partner for the weekend. We went up on Friday for a scouting day and we found fish at almost every stop on flukes, jerk baits, and worms. We really had high hopes for the next day, especially since we only led the fish to the boat and never stuck them with a hook.
Friday evening while we enjoyed some "Show Nuff" Bar B Q we made our plans for the next day.

We started out with our plan but the fish decided that our plan did not match theirs. It was nearly 10:30 AM before we caught the first fish.
We scaled back on our tackle and finesse fished the rest of the day. Dan really gave me a lesson from the back of the boat.
He caught a limit and even culled about 3 others while I only managed 2 little keepers.
He really showed me so some great techniques for finesse fishing.

At the scales we found that everyone had a tough day and even those that had limits only had smaller that usual fish.
Top water bites were almost non-existent, but fish were caught on spinner baits, crank baits, and of course on a variety of worms fished a variety of ways. At the end of day one Lee Brannon had the lead with 10.17 lbs. Kevin Simmons was 2nd with 8.66 lbs, Jeff Weaver was 3rd with 8.10 lbs, and Ron Bridges was 4th with 7.21 lbs. Lee Brannon also had lunker at 4.72 lbs.

We had a great evening with a lot of fun as we all enjoyed fried chicken, cole slaw, baked beans, potato salad, macaroni salad, rolls and cookies, all provided fro with our "special fund". We all ate our fill and had food left over!
It was a lot of fun sitting around with all the guys and telling stories and jokes and lies (we are fishermen).

On day 2 we found a front moving in and really strong winds by mid morning. We thought that the approaching front would turn on the fish but that was not the case. Fishing was even tougher than the day before. I managed 3 fish using the techniques that I learned the previous day, but Dan could only muster one fish, a nice 2.5 lb spotted bass which turned out to be the lunker for day 2.

Even though for us, the fishing was sub-par for Lake Martin, we had a great time. Dan and I joked and picked at each other all day and laughed the whole time. It was really a fun weekend.

At the scales there were long faces from the tough conditions. However several guys found numbers of fish even though they were small and brought limits to the scales. Taking 1st place for the tournament was Lee Brannon with a total of 14.80 lbs. 2nd place went to Kevin Simmons with 14.72 lbs. 3rd Place went to Jeff Weaver with 13.31 lbs and 4th place went to Dan Nash with 9.32 lbs.

Once again fish were caught on spinner baits, crank baits, and worms, and virtually no top water bites were had.

NOTE TO ALL: Over the years the Hawg Hunters have really enjoyed our stays at Lake Martin in no small part to the BOB WHITE MOTEL
and its owner SIMI. Sad to say it will soon be closing due to the down turn in our economy. Simi has always given us excellent service and help throughout the years. This time was no different. He had everything set up for us and went to the special effort again, as always, to help us with parking areas for our boats and trucks. I am not sure what he is going to do after he sells, but from all of the Hawg Hunters, we want to wish him well. "WE WILL MISS YOU SIMI. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU HAVE DON FOR US THROUGHOUT THE YEARS!"

Our next tournament is a one day event at Millers Ferry. We'll be fishing out of Ellis landing. This will be a great time to be fishing there,
and we should have great fishing at that time. Make your plans to attend both the meeting and the tournament.

Keep Your Hooks Sharp!