John Buck
John's Club Report
Covering The Pensacola Hawg Hunters
2008 Season

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Founded In 1975

Alabama River
Total Fish Caught 72
Total Dead Fish 15
Total Limits 6
Big Fish
Total Fish Weight 110.34 lbs

Total Year Standings
Total Fish Caught 456
Total Dead Fish 29
Total Limits 47
Big Fish
Total Fish Weight 698.38 lbs
Place Name Fish Weight
1. John Buck 9 17.79
2. Jeff Weaver 10 15.84
3. Jere Jaillite 9 11.60
4. Pete Potter 7 10.60
5. Tony Boyett 6 9.29
6. Bill Myrick 6 8.63

Big Fish Winner

John Buck
3.82 lbs
September Tournament

*** Tournament Winner ***
John Buck
Guest Tournament
Dave Bock
5 fish - 6.63 lbs
Place Name Fish Weight
7. Dave Dyess 7 8.40
8. Don Jahnke 6 7.19
9. Mack Cramer 4 6.99
10. Dan Nash 4 6.61
11. Lee Brannon 2 4.67
12. Ken Repine 2 2.73

Big Fish Of The Year
Bob Hanson
4.16 lbs

SEPTEMBER 20/21, 2008

We held our September tournament out of Swift Creek on the Alabama River near Prattville, Alabama. We had 12 fishermen and one guest
(Dave Bock). It was a 2 day event. The weather was mild with temps ranging from uppers 60’s in the mornings to lower 80’s by mid-day.
The water temps were in the low to mid 80’s and the water was pretty clear for river water with a visibility of about 2 feet in the main river.
Some creeks and sloughs were stained to muddy. We had both cloudy skies and high blues during both days.

Jeff Weaver was my partner for the weekend. Since neither of us had ever been there we just decided to run up river and look for nice places to fish and work our way back toward the landing during the day. After passing numerous inviting banks we decided to stop at an irregular point in a major river bend. As we got closer to the banks we found that they were gorgeous with pepper grass and laydowns along the banks in water depths of 3 to 12 feet. I started with a buzz bait and quickly got 3 hits but no good hookups . Jeff immediately hooked up with a nice 3 lb spot on a worm. I kept throwing the buzz bait and when he had gotten 2 more hits and missed them I switched to a worm and got 2 small keepers. Jeff then got serious with a lead head jig and green pumpkin trick worm and kicked my bottom all day. He taught me several tricks about how to fish the jig heads. We basically stayed in the same area all day long. Jeff kept catching 2-3 lb spotted bass and I could only manage the small ones.
He would wind up with over a 10 lb stringer to take first place for day one.
I only managed missed hits and small fish with only 4 weighing 5.6 lbs for day one.

I must say that we caught fish all day and even with me only catching 4 keepers I had a great time fishing with Jeff. We had a lot of good laughs and shared many tales and stories. Add that to catching fish most of the day and we had a great time. But…that was only the beginning….At the weigh in for Saturday Jeff took first place honors and I was in 6th place. Tony Boyette took lunker honors for day one with a nice spot weighing 3.58 lbs. Tony fished with Pete Potter, a lifetime member who lives in nearby Clanton, Al. Pete, it was good to see you again, and…..yes….you’re still as ugly as you ever were. Thanks for joining us. It’s always a pleasure to have you back to fish.

Back at the motel, Dave Dyess and Lee Brannon had prepared a great fish fry of fresh mullet caught on Thursday and man o’ man was it good.
We even had 2 guys who had never had fresh gulf mullet. I think they were believers by the time the eating was done. We all enjoyed the fun and fellowship that accompanies these events. A very special THANK YOU to Dave and Lee for their efforts to make the evening great.
Next month we are planning a steak cookout for all who fish the tournament at Appalachicola.
This is furnished by the club and all you need to furnish is your drinks.

Day 2 found us with cloudy skies early as Jeff and I headed back for the same bank we had fished the day before. When we got there we found another boat there so we ran across the river to our alternate bank. I immediately hooked up with a couple of nice spots on buzz bait and Jeff soon got the action going with a fish on a worm. Then I got another one on buzz bait, about a 3lb spot. Jeff then caught several and finished a limit on the worm, I switched to a worm and shortly had my limit also. We looked at the watch and it was 7:45 AM, and we both had limits in the boat.
What a great feeling on the last day and so early. We went over to the primary bank and each caught a couple of fish to cull with. We spent the rest of the day culling and enjoying the day. About 10 AM more clouds rolled in and I switched to a lighter colored buzz bait and in 3 casts had a nice lm which turned out to be the lunker for day 2. At the end of the day (1 PM) the tables had turned for us and where Jeff had caught the most on Saturday, I had the most on Sunday.

At the weigh-in I had a limit of almost 13 lbs and the lunker at 3.82 lbs. The results are as follows: 1st Place John Buck @ 17.79 lbs,
2nd Place Jeff Weaver @ 15.84 lbs, 3rd Place Jere Jaillite @ 11.60 lbs and 4th Place Pete Potter @ 10.60 lbs.

Fish were caught on a variety of lures. Most came on Worms with green pumpkin being the main color. Others caught fish on crank baits,
rattle traps, buzz baits, and spinner baits. Most crank bait fish were on shad colored baits. Most fish came from the main river area although some were caught in creeks. Our fish came mostly from 8-12’ deep. Most were holding off the bank where the river ledge dropped. Most who fished tight to the bank fished past the fish. Overall it was one of my most enjoyable trips this year. Jeff and I really had a great time fishing together.
Everything just seemed to come together. The rooms, although pricey, were great and no problems checking in or out, the launch facilities were really nice, the cook out was terrific, and we caught fish. Wow….what more can we ask for….

Next month is our fish-off and our October tournament. Remember it is 2 tournaments in one and even if you haven’t qualified for the fish–off portion you can still fish the monthly October portion of the event. We will be at Appalachicola and the fishing there can be terrific so make your plans. Dave has negotiated a special rate for the rooms on our behalf so we all will save some money there. Way to go Dave!!!
Also we will have a steak cookout for all who attend. Hope to see you at the meeting.

‘Til next time….Keep Your Hooks Sharp!