John Buck
John's Club Report
Covering The Pensacola Hawg Hunters
2008 Season

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Founded In 1975

Tournament Standings
Total Fish Caught 45
Total Dead Fish 9
Total Limits 7
Big Fish
Total Fish Weight 63.07 lbs

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Total Year Standings
Total Fish Caught 338
Total Dead Fish 12
Total Limits 39
Big Fish
Total Fish Weight 536.97 lbs
Boat Boater / Partner *** Boat Draw *** Boat Boater / Partner
1. Dave Dyess - Frank Kelly May 24, 2008 4. Mack Cramer - Dewayne Kembro
2. John Buck - Billy Myrick Miller's Ferry 5. Jeff Weaver - Don Jahnke
3. Lee Brannon - Ken Repine Miller's Ferry Marina
Place Name Fish Weight
1. John Buck 5 8.76
2. Mack Cramer 5 7.60
3. Jeff Weaver 5 7.25
4. Frank Kelly 5 7.04
5. Lee Brannon 5 6.49

Big Fish Winner

Dwayne Kembro
2.85 lbs
*** Tournament Winner ***
John Buck
5 Fish - 8.76 lbs
Place Name Fish Weight
6. Billy Myrick 4 6.09
7. Don Jahnke 5 5.57
8. Dave Dyess 5 5.18
9. Ken Repine 4 4.84
10. Dewayne Kembro 2 4.25

Big Fish Of The Year
Bob Hanson
4.16 lbs

Miller's Ferry
Tournament Report

The Hawg Hunters fished Miller's Ferry for the May tournament. We fished out of Miller's Ferry Marina in the lower part of the lake.
The weather was warm with cloudy skies for most of the day. Water level was about normal and fairly clear in the lower sections, with the upper areas showing a slight stain. Water temp was 75.

Billy Myrick and I drew out as partners. Since we were launching near the dam, we decided to lock through and fish the river just below the dam.
I have done well there and found quality fish in the heavy cover that line the banks for the first couple of miles below the dam. We arrived at the lock at 5:30 and found that the gates would not open until 6 AM so we started fishing the rock jetty just up from the lock area. In just a short time Billy missed one on a buzz bait and I hooked up on a worm bite. I caught 3 keepers and Billy caught one keeper there before we went to lock through. Seems like I heard an old fishing adage once that says "Never leave fish to find fish." I think we both knew better, but we still locked through. We were told that we could not get back through until 1:00 PM, and we said that it would just fine with us. Well, we fished and fished and fished but never caught anything but short fish and only a few at that. We could hardly wait to get back through. When we got out at 1:30 we ran back to the point where we caught them earlier. I managed to put a small one in the boat but it just was 12 inches. Finally I decided to take a chance on an old honey hole, "Blue Canoe". The old "Canoe" did not let me down. We got there at 2:30 and in the next hour I limited out and culled 2 or 3 and my partner put 3 nice keepers in the boat. We had to leave at 3:30 and we never even got all the way through the place. All of our keeper fish came on june bug ribbon tail worms. Most of them were near a drop going from 3 ft to 6-8 ft. Even though we had a very slow mid-day tournament it wound up with great action for both of us in the afternoon.

At the weigh in everyone had fish, and most had caught a lot of fish throughout the day. The main problem was catching keepers or large keepers. Dave and Frank reported catching over 50 fish! Seven limits were brought in. Dewayne Kimbrough show his partner how to properly set the hook and brought in a 2.85 lb bass for the lunker honors. 4th place went to Frank Kelly who had a limit @ 7.04 lbs. Jeff Weaver had a limit to take 3rd place @ 7.25 lbs. Mack (Buzz Bait) Cramer was 2nd with 5 fish @ 7.60 lbs, and John Buck was 1st with 5 fish @ 8.76 lbs. I think that most of the fish were caught on worms. Several guys said that their fish were close to wood. There were no mishaps and it was a good outing for all who participated.

Our next tournament is on Tensaw River out of Upper Bryants. It will be the first "short day" tournament of the season and will begin at safe daylight and end at 2:00 PM. Guys, in the hot weather it is important to keep your live wells running constantly and do all you can to keep them cool. Also, purchase and use those products which enhance livewell conditions such as "Catch and Release" or "Please Release Me".
There are several others out there, and they do work so use them. It will help the fish and maybe even save you points and penalties at the weigh in! In addition to keeping the fish in good shape, don't forget yourself. Drink plenty of fluids, especially water and be wise in dealing with the heat.
With the increasing cost of fuel, there next tournaments offer your best bargains for fishing as they are reasonably close to home.
So make your plans to fish and participate in our club functions.
Hope to see you there.

'Til next time...Keep Your Hooks Sharp!