John Buck
John's Club Report
Covering The Pensacola Hawg Hunters
2008 Season

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Tournament Standings
Total Fish Caught 127
Total Dead Fish 2
Total Limits 17
Big Fish
Total Fish Weight 210.39 lbs

Tournament Photo's
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Total Year Standings
Total Fish Caught 231
Total Dead Fish 3
Total Limits 27
Big Fish
Total Fish Weight 357.04 lbs
Boat Boater / Partner *** Boat Draw *** Boat Boater / Partner
1. Mack Cramer - Glenn Kittrell March 29/30, 2008 5. Lee Brannon - Don Jahnke
2. Kevin Simmons - Ken Repine Lay Lake 6. Jere Jaillite - Pete Potter
3. Dave Dyess - Marc Churchwell Lower Dam 7. Jeff Weaver - Jim Bailey Sr
4. Dan Nash - Bob Hanson 8. John Buck - Frank Kelly
Place Name Fish Weight
1. Mack Cramer 9 19.78
2. Jim Bailey Sr 10 19.20
3. Jere Jaillite 10 18.69
4. Kevin Simmons 10 18.47
5. Dave Dyess 8 15.64
6. Jeff Weaver 10 15.53
7. Bob Hanson 10 15.43
8. Pete Potter 10 15.28

Big Fish Winner

Lee Brannon
3.56 lbs
*** Tournament Winner ***
Mack Cramer
9 Fish - 19.78lbs
Place Name Fish Weight
9. John Buck 10 14.30
10. Lee Brannon 6 12.71
11. Glenn Kittrell 8 10.49
12. Dan Nash 6 8.56
13. Ken Repine 5 8.50
14. Marc Churchwell 5 6.49
15. Frank Kelly 6 6.38
16. Don Jahnke 4 4.94

Big Fish Of The Year
Jeff Weaver
3.68 lbs

Lay Lake
Tournament Report

Our monthly tournament was held a week later than usual due to a conflict with Easter weekend. We fished out of the launch near the dam on the south end of the lake. Lay Lake has produced very well for us in the past, but we had never fished it in the spring time. Hopes were high for a great outing. We had overcast days for the most part and water temps ranged from about 62-65. Highs each day were around 70. Water was basically clear, but some stain in the backs of creeks.

Frank Kelly and I drew out as partners. We started out fishing some secondary points and main points along the main lake about a mile above the dam. We were only able to pull a couple of non-keepers and had a couple of other hits. From there we ran up and fished some bluffs but had no success there either. About 10 AM we went to Waxahatchee Creek and were able to catch a few fish. Frank had a fish right away on a crank bait then another short one and I was still looking for fish. We fished around boat docks where the channel came close. Eventually I was able to boat a keeper. I caught almost all of my fish each day on finesse worms and trick worms. Frank caught his fish on crank baits and finesse worms. As we neared time for the weigh in Frank had me 3 fish to 1. About 2:30 we ran to some coves near the mouth of the creek and I was able to catch 3 keepers in about 45 minutes to give me a small limit. Fish were very hard for us to hook on the worms. Most of the time you could not feel the hits, just a little pressure. When you set the hook you'd get a half of a worm back, or an empty hook.

At the Saturday weigh in we found that everyone had caught a lot of fish. We had no "also fished" either day. We had 9 limits weighed in on day one. Mack Cramer was in the lead with a host of guys hot on his heels. Would he hold on to it? The stage was set for a tight shoot out on Sunday.
Big fish for the day was caught by Lee Brannon @3.56 lbs.

Saturday night we had a cookout at Pete Potter's house. We had a great time and there was plenty to eat for all. Soon after we started cooking it started to rain and it rained very hard. But, that was no problem as there was plenty of room on Pete's covered patio for all to visit and eat and stay nice and dry. It might have been a really messy evening had we had to cook at the parking lot at the hotel. We cooked by the garage and stayed pretty dry there also thanks to Mark who served as the "umbrella man" for the cook. Everyone ate their fill and maybe a little more. I want to offer a special "Thank You" not only to Pete but especially to his better half, Vi. She had everything set up and waiting for us when we arrived and as always was the perfect hostess. Also there lending a hand in the activity was Jere's wife, Julie. Another special Thank You to Julie and Vi for the great chocolate chip pie they made for us to have as dessert.

Day 2 started out much the same as day 1 except there was more wind and it was much cooler. Frank and I started out in Waxahatchee and stayed there for the short day. Frank again jumped out to get the first fish, again on a crank bait. I followed 2 casts later and got one on a buzz bait.
I thought we were in 'em. What a laugh! We caught several fish up and down the bank but most were short. Frank had me 3 to 1 and had lost 2 big fish. One broke his line and the other just pulled off. About 10:30 I got on a little run and managed a limit, again fishing the little pockets off the main creek. I managed to catch a cull fish about 12:30, and then it was time to head for the scales as weigh in was at 1:00.

At the scales we found everyone again had fish. Dave Dyess made a nice showing with a couple of nice spots one of which took lunker for the day @ 3.20 lbs. Mack Cramer was able to hold on to his lead and won with 19.78 lbs. He had some of the prettiest largemouth I've seen in a while!
I understand you gave your partner a lesson on how to fish a buzz bait. Running a close 2nd was Jim (green pumpkin) Bailey Sr, who brought in a limit each day (surprise, surprise, surprise)and totaled 19.20 lbs. Jere Jailite took 3rd with a limit each day for a total of 18.69 lbs. Jere, I appreciate you keeping your foot on Pete's throat and keeping him from catching too many fish from the back of his boat on is home lake! Kevin Simmons took 4th with 18.47 lbs while proving that you don't have to move around to catch fish. Congratulations to the top 4, you guys really did a great job.

Fish were caught on a variety of soft plastics (trick, finesse worms), buzz baits, and crank baits. Worm colors varied greatly, but most crank bait fish came on shad colors.

This tournament may have set a new 2 day record for the Hawg Hunters. We had a total of 210.39 lbs caught. With 16 fishermen that's an average of 13.15 lbs per man. For the Hawg Hunters that's a really good statistic. We had a great weekend to say the least. Next month we fish Lake Jordan and it has the possibility to surpass this tournament so make plans now to fish it.
While Jordan is not as large a lake as Lay, it is known for its big spotted bass.

We had another positive outcome of a different nature this weekend also. When Frank and I arrived at the Guest House Motel in Clanton we found that they had not held our room, and in fact, had sold it and had no rooms available. The manager had already left for the evening. We have stayed there many times and never had a problem. They found Frank and I a room at a nearby motel. When we went to see the manager (Brandy) the next afternoon, she was very accommodating and reimbursed us for the cost of our lodging for Friday night. It was nice to see folks step up and make the necessary adjustments to resolve the problem. Those are the kind of people I like to do business with. If you're fishing in that area (Lake Mitchell or Lay Lake) make your plans to stay at the Guest House Motel. They'll treat you right.

The next club meeting is on April 16th and the tournament is April 19th & 20th. Make plans to attend and fish.

'Til next time...Keep your hooks sharp.
Creek Chub