John Buck
John's Club Report
Covering The Pensacola Hawg Hunters
2008 Season

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Founded In 1975

Tournament Standings
Total Fish Caught 39
Total Dead Fish 1
Total Limits 4
Big Fish
Total Fish Weight 54.83 lbs

Total Year Standings
Total Fish Caught 104
Total Dead Fish 1
Total Limits 10
Big Fish
Total Fish Weight 146.64 lbs

Boat Boater / Partner *** Boat Draw *** Boat Boater / Partner
1. Lee Brannon - Bob Hanson February 23, 2008 5. Dewayne Kembro - Randy Cole
2. Dan Nash - Jim Bailey Jr Tensaw River 6. Jim Bailey Sr - Jere Jaillite
3. Bill Myrick - Ken Repine Cliff's Landing 7. Jeff Weaver - Mack Cramer
4. Frank Kelly - Kevin Simmons 8. Dave Dyess - John Buck
Place Name Fish Weight
1. Dave Dyess 5 8.21
2. Jeff Weaver 4 7.11
3. Lee Brannon 5 6.89
4. John Buck 5 6.01
5. Bill Myrick 5 5.39
6. Kevin Simmons 3 4.91
7. Ken Repine 4 4.30

Big Fish Winner

Jeff Weaver
*** Tournament Winner ***

Dave Dyess
5 Fish - 8.21lbs
Also Fished
Jere Jaillite - Dan Nash
Guest Jim Bailey Jr
Place Name Fish Weight
8. Randy Cole 1 2.50
9. Dewayne Kembro 2 2.47
10. Frank Kelly 2 2.07
11. Bob Hanson 1 2.03
12. Mack Cramer 1 1.84
13. Jim Bailey Sr 1 1.31

Big Fish Of The Year
Jeff Weaver

FEBRUARY 23, 2008

We held our monthly tournament out of Cliff's Landing on the Tensaw River. The morning was chilly and the wind was out of the north about 5-10 mph. We had an incoming tide from about mid-morning until the end of the day. Skies were cloudy in the morning and cleared around noon.
Water color was muddy in the main river and stained in most of the creeks. Water temps in the creeks ranged from the upper 50's to about 63.

I fished with Dave Dyess this month. Dave and I had not fished together in quite a while and we had a really enjoyable day. We spent most of the day just off Raft River in Oak Bayou and fished all of Sand Bayou, and a spot on the main river. We were able to catch about 25 fish between us. Each had a limit but they were small. I caught all my fish on a white spinner bait, and Dave mixed his with a white spinner bait and junebug worms. We basically caught fish steadily throughout most of the day.

Dave's limit held up and he took 1st place with 5 fish @ 8.21 lbs. Jeff Weaver was 2nd with 4 fish @ 7.11 lbs. Jeff also took lunker honors with a pretty fish @ 3.68 lbs. Lee Brannon brought a limit to the scales and laid claim on 3rd place with 6.89 lbs. John Buck would up in 4th with 5 fish @ 6.01 lbs. In all 13 members weighed in fish. Most of the fish were caught on worms, crankbaits, and spinner baits, with worms being the overall bait of choice. Dark colors, as usual, junebug and green pumpkin were the most common.

We didn't have any mishaps on the water that I am aware of, but we did have a problem on the way home. Billy Myrick broke an axel on his trailer. That proved to be quite a hassle as we found that most tow trucks won't haul boats. Special thanks to the guys who stayed to help out, Mack, Jeff, Lee, Dewayne, and their partners. It's nice to know that if something does go down on the ride home that there are others willing to lend a hand to help. From the "club" a special thanks to all who lent a hand.

Our next tournament is a 2 day event at Lay Lake. Make plans to be there. It should be great! We'll also have a cook out Saturday evening.
The tournament is March 29 & 30. The dates were changed to accommodate Easter weekend.
The meeting date is still the same, Wednesday, March 20. Hope to see you there!

'Til next time...Keep your hooks sharp.
Creek Chub