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Covering The Pensacola Hawg Hunters
2007 Season

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Fish River
Total Fish Caught 29
Total Dead Fish 0
Total Limits 0
Big Fish
Total Fish Weight 37.85 lbs

Total Year Standings
Total Fish Caught 29
Total Dead Fish 0
Total Limits 0
Big Fish
Total Fish Weight 37.85 lbs
Place Name Fish Weight
1. Dan Nash 3 4.87
2. John Buck 4 4.80
3. Dave Dyess 4 4.49
4. Jere Jaillite 3 4.29
5. Jim Bailey Sr 3 3.51
6. John Gesperak 3 3.39
7. Lee Brannon 1 2.89

Big Fish Winner

Lee Brannon

*** Tournament Winner ***
Dan Nash
3 Fish - 4.87lbs
Place Name Fish Weight
8. Kevin Simmons 2 2.83
9. Pete Potter 2 2.24
10. Marc Churchwell 1 1.13
11. Ron Fairbanks 1 .98
12. Mack Cramer 1 .97
13. Frank Kelly 1 .96
Guest Glen Kittrell 2 .00

Also Fished

Ken Repine

Dewayne Kimbro

NOVEMBER 18, 2006

It had been many years since the Hawg Hunters selected Fish River for a tournament site. Somehow it slipped in this year. Fish River is located near Foley, Alabama, and is a small tidal river that empties into Mobile Bay just south of Point Clear. The main fishery here is speckled trout that migrate into the small rivers and bays during the cooler weather. These waters also hold a few bass, known to locals as green trout.

We had 7 boats fishing the tournament. The morning brought cold temps in the mid 30's and heavy fog on the river. With the heavy fog we had an "Ooze-off" start. After about 30-45 minutes the fog lifted enough to run on a plane. We had a lot of rain 2 days before and the water was pretty stained but got cleared as the day went on and as one would figure it was clearer upstream.

Ken Repine and I drew out as partners and we ran up river to try our luck. I had pre-fished twice before the tournament and found plenty of fish both times up river and on 2 different patterns One was on worms pitched along the cut banks and the other was black craws pitched into the log jams and thick brush tops.

Once the fog lifted, we were able to make our way upriver and start fishing in earnest. We found the water to be a good color, not too stained and with a decent current. It was pretty much a low tide as the water was at least 18" lower than when I previously fished the area. The water seemed to clear more as the day passed even with an incoming tide. The fish I had found earlier had changed their position due to the lower water and colder temps. Early on they were near small secondary ledges and the bite was very subtle. As the day progressed and the water rose with the tide they returned to the heavier cover near the ledges and steeper banks. While the river in area we were fishing is basically only about 2-4 feet in depth, there are deeper holes in the sharp bends. I found fish both shallow and in the deeper holes. Most were in current break areas, either in small eddys or behind cover. I tried spinner baits and cranks but could only get bites on the plastics.

At the scales, Dan Nash took the honors with 3 fish weighing 4.87 lbs. I managed to grab 2nd with 4 fish @ 4.80 lbs. The 3rd spot went to Dave Dyess with 4 fish @ 4.49 lbs. and Jere Jaillitte took 4th place with 3 fish @ 4.49 lbs. Lee Brannon had the lunker @ 2.89 lbs. Most fish were caught on worms with junebug and red shad being the colors of choice. A few fish were caught on spinners and a couple on cranks.

Be sure to remember that our next meeting is on Dec. 13, at 7:00 PM and the tournament will be on Saturday, Dec. 16. Our next tournament is on the Tensaw out of the old Mizell's fish camp on the causeway. The delta is usually a great place to fish this time of the year so make plans to participate.

'Til next time*.Keep your hooks sharp.

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