John Buck
John's Club Report
Covering The Pensacola Hawg Hunters
2007 Season

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Founded In 1975

Choctawhatchee River
Total Fish Caught 22
Total Dead Fish 0
Total Limits 0
Big Fish
Total Fish Weight 27.27 lbs

Total Year Standings
Total Fish Caught 265
Total Dead Fish 10
Total Limits 23
Big Fish
Total Fish Weight 370.56 lbs




1. Mack Cramer 3 5.15
2. Dave Dyes 3 3.77
3. Lee Brannon 3 3.67
4. Ken Repine 2 2.58
5. Jere Jaillite 2 2.25
6. Jeff Weaver 2 2.21

Big Fish Winner
Mack Cramer
*** Tournament Winner ***
Mack Cramer
3 Fish - 5.15lbs




7. Marc Churchwell 2 2.13
8. Pete Potter 2 2.00
9. Frank Kelly 1 1.81
10. Charles Cetti 1 .86
11. Jim Bailey Sr 1 .83

Also Fished
John Buck - Tony Boyett
Danny Wright DNF

MAY 19, 2007

TIt seems like we’re gonna have an early summer. Hot temps and low water conditions are already here and we’re still in the month of May! Those were just 2 of the elements we battled as the Hawg Hunters fished the Choctawhatchee River near Freeport, Fl. We launched out of Black Creek with high blue skies and north winds which kept the tide from pushing in as strong as usual. The water color was really very good all the way to Simplers. We never got above there so I don’t know if the color changed or not. Water temps ranged to the mid 80’s depending on where you fished.

Mac Cramer and I drew out as partners. While I’m not a fan of fishing the Choctaw, I knew that I’d have an enjoyable day fishing with Mac.
We both joined the Hawg Hunters in the mid 1970’s and have plenty of stories to share and revisit. Mac had located some fish prior to the tournament upriver in a creek. After a good run we started working the deep edges of the inside bends. We worked hard for about 3-4 hours and neither of us could catch a bass. Mac did have an unusual experience when he caught a large jack fish. As it came to the boat, it started throwing up bread! It looked like it had eaten most of a loaf of French bread as it regurgitated golf ball size chunks all over the water surface. Go figure!!

We left the area and started fishing the deep bends in the main river. We were throwing black grape worms at all the small eddys and behind the stumps, etc. At 1:18, Mac caught his first bass. At 1:28, he caught his second, and at 2:00 PM he caught his 3rd and last fish.
All this time while he’s on the “hot seat”, all I can do is miss bites. We wound up the day with Mac with 3 bass and John with “0” bass.
It’s been a while since I’ve been skunked this bad!!! I had ample opportunities, but just could not put it together today.

Now many guys would think “what a miserable day”, and they would be completely wrong. I had a wonderful time and don’t know if I have ever had this much fun not catching a fish! Mac and I reminisced many by-gone days and several common friends who have left this world to fish better waters. In my opinion we were able to make a potentially miserable fishing trip into a fun and memorable day.

As the scales we found that most of the guys had found a fish to measure. The results are really poor and I hope that our future tournaments will produce more fish. Mac Cramer won it with his 3 fish stringer with a total of 5.15 lbs. He also had the lunker, a monstrous 2.04 lber.
Dave Dyess took 2nd with 3 fish @ 3.77 lbs. Lee Brannon was 3rd with 3 fish @ 3.67 lbs. Ken Repine slipped into the 4th slot with 2 fish @ 2.58 lbs.

As I mentioned before, the results were really poor. Maybe they will improve next month as we face the challenge of the Yellow River near Milton, Fl. The low water conditions there are really tough and may get even tougher by tournament time. If the water continues to drop,
I’m wondering where we’ll be able to launch our boats!

Please remember to keep your live wells running during the hot weather, handle the fish as little as possible, use “catch and release” or some other water treatments to help the fish in the live wells. Be aware of the possibility of low water hazards, and watch out for the idiots on jet skis.

“Til next time….Keep Your Hooks Sharp!

Creek Chub