John Buck
John's Club Report
Covering The Pensacola Hawg Hunters
2007 Season

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Founded In 1975

Miller's Ferry
Total Fish Caught 37
Total Dead Fish 0
Total Limits 2
Big Fish
Total Fish Weight 50.53 lbs

Total Year Standings
Total Fish Caught 154
Total Dead Fish 0
Total Limits 11
Big Fish
Total Fish Weight 201.24 lbs
Place Name Fish Weight
1. Pete Potter 7 8.44
2. Jere Jaillite 5 7.96
3. John Buck 5 7.88
4. Dave Dyess 6 6.56
5. Dewayne Kimbro 5 5.78

Big Fish Winner

Jere Jaillite
*** Tournament Winner ***
Pete Potter
"Sweet Pete"

8 Fish - 8.44lbs
Place Name Fish Weight
6. Lee Brannon 3 4.45
7. Jim Bailey Sr 4 4.33
8. Kevin Simmons 2 3.27
9. Marc Churchwell 1 1.86

Also Fished

Frank Kelly
Danny Wright Guest

MARCH 24-25, 2007

The Hawg Hunters found themselves at Miller’s Ferry for the March tournament. Warm temps and absolutely beautiful springtime weather held for the weekend. Temps were around 50 in the morning and quickly warmed to the mid 70’s by noon each day. Saturday had high blue skies, and Sunday had partly cloudy skies. Water temps were in the mid 60’s in the morning and rose to around 70 by midday. The water color was less than desirable, with sort of a brownish tea color, not muddy but certainly not clear. We found this color to hold from the lower end of the lake to the upper end.

I went up on Friday to pre-fish the upper areas of the lake. I worked flats and deeper areas near the flats that had easy access to the main river with both spinners, worms and cranks but found no fish. About mid-morning I started fishing some of the community areas that usually hold a few fish with the same “zero” results. I went down to the golf course area and found the backwater areas full of shad, but couldn’t move a bass anywhere. Around 12:30, Kevin Simmons called and needed a tow. He was in the back of Foster Creek with engine problems.
By the time I got to them they had made it to the main river below Buzzard Roost, and I towed them back to the state park.
That pretty much made up the pre-fish time for me, especially since I couldn’t find a fish!

My partner, Dwayne Kimbro, drove up Friday night and we made plans to hit mid-lake areas and flats on Saturday. We started out with topwater baits but soon switched to worms and spinners. Dwayne started getting a few hits on a junebug finesse worm so I switched to one also.
During the rest of the day we each caught several small fish. I managed to get 3 keepers, and he got one.

At the Saturday weigh-in we found that everyone had the same results except for Jere Jaillite and Dave Dyess. Did I mention that Jere was Kevin’s partner, and they had to work the Ellis launch area as they only had a trolling motor due to engine problems? Anyway….Dave was in first place with a limit. He said that he and his partner, Danny Wright, a guest caught over a limit each and basically were in fish most of the day! Most of their fish came on junebug finesse worms, no surprise there. Jere was in 2nd place, and he had a 4.16 lber to take the lunker. Jere caught his fish on a variety of lures, finesse worms, crank bait, and spinner. Pete Potter was in 3rd place. Pete had a special entertainer in his boat, Jim Bailey. He even let Bailey catch a few fish, so you know there was more bickering and arguing in that boat than there is in Judge Judy’s courtroom.
I was able to ease into 4th place with my 3 little fish. Folks, these were pretty weak bags for “the Ferry” in March. Maybe there was a reason that we were the “ONLY” boats in the parking lot each day. I guess everyone knew something that we didn’t.

Even if the fishing was terrible, we had a great time Saturday evening. We had one of our “old time” fish fries. Fresh mullet, French fires, and cole slaw makes for great food. We didn’t have any flame outs with the fries this time!!!! Everyone ate their fill and that which was left over was eagerly consumed by fellow member Mark Churchwell. Jeff Weaver, you’ve got some competition now! We had a great time of eating and visiting and swapping tales and lies. Everyone pitched in to help with the cooking and with the clean up. A very special “thanks” to Dave and Lee for getting the stuff together, and to all who attended and helped make the evening so enjoyable. After a long day of fishing and full bellies we all turned in early to get some rest.

Sunday morning Dwayne and I decided to make the run down lake to “Blue Canoe”. If you don’t know where that is, ask Jere! We got there and after about 45 minutes we started to get a few bites on finesse worms. By mid morning I had 1 keeper and Dwayne had 3. We each had 4-5 shorts, but at least we were getting bites. We decided to leave and try some nearby flats. We were back in a little run in a tangle of bonnets when I broke my trolling motor cable. We ran back to Ellis and changed out trolling motors with my spare motor and headed back out with about 50 minutes left to fish. We ran up river about a mile or so to some deep banks and I immediately caught a keeper. Dwayne caught a short fish and then we each caught another keeper to end the day. Dwayne ended up with 4 and I had 3.

At the scales we found that we had caught more than anyone else on the second day, but it was not enough to get either of us a win. Pete had fish again and took the WIN with 8.44 lbs total. Jere had a small keeper, but it was big enough to keep him in 2nd with a total of 7.96 lbs.
I moved up to 3rd with a total of 7.88 lbs. Dave didn’t bring a fish to the scales but still managed to grab 4th place with Saturday’s weight for a total of 6.56 lbs. Big fish Sunday went to Lee Brannon @ 2.31 lbs.

We had an excellent convoy and an uneventful ride home. Guys, if you missed this one, you really missed a lot of what this club is all about, friendship, fun, and fishing. I hope that everyone can make it next month when we fish a 2 day tournament at Appalachicola.

Til next time….Keep Your Hooks Sharp!

Creek Chub