John Buck
John's Club Report
Covering The Pensacola Hawg Hunters
2007 Season

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Founded In 1975

Tensaw River
Total Fish Caught 47
Total Dead Fish 0
Total Limits 7
Big Fish
Total Fish Weight 59.29 lbs

Total Year Standings
Total Fish Caught 76
Total Dead Fish 0
Total Limits 7
Big Fish
Total Fish Weight 97.14 lbs
Place Name Fish Weight
1. Glen Kittrell 5 8.65
2. Mack Cramer 5 6.82
3. Lee Brannon 4 6.58
4. Pete Potter 5 6.05
5. Jere Jaillite 5 5.72
6. John Buck 5 5.52

Big Fish Winner

Lee Brannon
*** Tournament Winner ***
Glen Kittrell
5 Fish - 8.65lbs
Place Name Fish Weight
7. John Gesperak 5 5.31
8. Dewayne Kimbro 5 5.06
9. Jim Bailey Sr 3 4.23
10. Frank Kelly 3 3.36
11. Charles Cetti 2 1.99

Also Fished

Marc Churchwell

DECEMBER 16, 2006

The Hawg Hunters fished the Tensaw Delta for their December tournament. The weather was nice with lows around 50 and a high near 75.
Skies were clear and so was much of the water in the delta. Water temps ranged from 52 in the morning to 59 in the afternoon.
We had an incoming tide most of the day.

As it turned out this was one of our smallest tournaments of the year. We only had 6 boats and 12 fishermen.
My partner for the day was Mark Churchwell. Mark and I started out in the Bay Minette Basin area and we wound up staying there most of the day. We found fish immediately on our first stop and really thought we’d hit ‘em right. On the 2nd or 3rd cast I hooked up with one that was short and 2 casts later caught a small keeper. During the first 30 minutes we caught several and missed several on finesse worms.
We really felt good, but then they shut down. The bite got really sluggish for us. You couldn’t really feel a bite rather just pressure and we missed several before we caught on to what was happening. After the early bite we just caught one here and one there but never any concentration of fish. We did however get the fish to hit harder by twitching the worm and stopping, twitch and stop, back to the boat.
That pattern produced a much more defined hit from the fish.

While we both caught fish, I was able to catch small keepers but all Mark’s fish were all about 1/4 inch short. Over the course of the day I managed a small limit. I was impressed with Mark’s efforts and intensity as the day wore on. He kept at it and never let his frustration with the small fish show. It was just one of those days where one guy gets small keepers and the other get the shorts. Mark was a great partner and I look forward to getting to fish with him again when we both can catch some keepers. We caught all of our fish on junebug finesse worms.

Seven guys brought limits to the scales, but most were only small fish (green trout), typical of the lower delta. Taking 1st place out of the back of Mack Cramer’s boat was our newest member, Glen Kittrell. He had a limit weighing 8.65lbs. Mack Cramer took 2nd place with a limit weighing 6.82 lbs. Third place went to Lee Brannon with 4 fish weighing 6.58 lbs, and Pete Potter was 4th with a limit at 6.06 lbs.
Lee Brannon didn’t find a sandbar this time but he did find the lunker which weighed a hefty 2.9 lbs. Most fish were caught on finesse and trick worms in junebug or green pumpkin colors. A few fish were also caught on crankbaits.

Our January tournament will be on Blackwater River in Milton, Florida. It is a nearby river so make plans to be there.
I would like to wish John Gesperak the best as this was his last tournament with us. He is moving to Lakeland. Good luck with your relocation.
I’m sure that you can find some water for your hook down there.

Make your plans to attend the end of the year awards banquet. Check the newsletter for date, place and time.

Til next time…..Happy Holidays….and keep your hooks sharp!

Creek Chub