John Buck
John's Club Report
Covering The Pensacola Hawg Hunters
2007 Season

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Founded In 1975

Apalachicola River
Total Fish Caught 89
Total Dead Fish 10
Total Limits 12
Big Fish
Total Fish Weight 142.05 lbs

Total Year Standings
Total Fish Caught 243
Total Dead Fish 10
Total Limits 23
Big Fish
Total Fish Weight 343.29 lbs




1. Mack Cramer 8 18.01
2. Pete Potter 10 16.66
3. Ron Fairbanks 10 15.96
4. Jim Bailey Sr 10 15.76
5. Dewayne Kimbro 9 15.74
6. Lee Brannon 8 14.02

*** Tournament Winner ***
Mack Cramer
8 Fish - 18.01lbs
Big Fish Winner
Mack Cramer




7. Dave Dyess 10 12.79
8. Kevin Simmons 9 11.51
9. Jeff Weaver 5 7.08
10. Dan Nash 5 6.60
11. Jere Jaillite 3 5.14
12. Ken Repine 2 2.78

APRIL 21-22, 2007

Thanks John for the opportunity to fill-in for you this month, but I must apologize for being late with the report. I've had a bit of an unexpected medical situation that has put me behind. I'm on the mend, so let's get with the report.

The April 07 tourney took us to the lower end of the Apalachicola River. 12 Hawg Hunters were looking forward to a GREAT weekend and if Friday's pre-fishing results held for the weekend, our hopes would be answered.

As we arrived at the ramp Saturday morning, we all had a strange feeling that Saturday was not going to be a normal day. First of all, the world as we Hawg Hunter's know it almost came to an end this weekend. Seems Sweetie Petie did the unimaginable and beat Mack to the ramp capturing the coveted sandy spot by the dock. Don't despair because on Sunday morning Mack put things back in order. The scene outside the hotel Sunday morning resembled that of a NASCAR pit stop. Mack's pit crew (aka Dwayne) had their boat down and away just seconds before Sweetie Petie and his crew (aka Ken) could cross the end of pit row. All is well in the universe.

Saturday's weather was near perfect, partly cloudy with the wind building throughout the day from the South. The fish were cooperative even with an incoming tide the majority of the day. At the weigh-in, we had 7 limits; on the negative side, we had several boats come in with malfunctions of one sort or another. I'm convinced that the equipment breakdowns were directly related to Sweetie Petie's deliberate attempt at ending the world that morning. Fortunately, Mack's Marine was open late. Let's see, Lee's trolling motor and engine trim went belly up. Thanks to Pete's spare trolling motor and a little trim fluid, Lee was tournament ready in short order. Senior's "new" GPS needed some TLC to come to life and Ron's tachometer received Mack's golden touch.

As well as lending his mechanical know-how to other club members, Mack had his own problems to deal with Saturday evening. Seems he had some sort of detergent like substance in his live well that caused the water to suds up like a washing machine. Sadly, it caused the death of 7 of the 10 fish he and his partner brought to the scales. How the substance got in the live well is still a mystery. There was speculation that there was something in the water in the creek they were fishing, but there were other Hawg Hunters fishing in the same area and they didn't have the soap suds like problem. That leaves the best guess as a practical joke gone way wrong. He spent quite some time Saturday night flushing his wells hoping that would correct the problem. Guys, everyone likes a good practical joke, however, before you play it out, really spend some time thinking about all the problems it could cause and exercise caution.

Well, as I mentioned earlier, Sunday morning Mack saved the universe by being the first to the ramp and reclaiming "his" spot. The weather was again very nice. Almost the exact same as Saturday. The fish however were a tad bit more finicky, although most folks found fish. Downside of the day was that Mack's suds problem recurred, killing 3 more fish. What a shame.

After everything was said and done, Senior ended up in fourth place with 15.76 lbs. Ron took third with 15.96 lbs. Petie found some good fish and ended up in second with 16.66 lbs. Even with all the penalty points for dead fish, Mack managed to win the tourney with 18.01 lbs. Might I add that he also had Big Fish Saturday and Sunday. A trifecta weekend. Junebug finesse/trick worm and stick baits were the favored baits.

Kevin Simmons