John Buck
John's Club Report
Covering The Pensacola Hawg Hunters
2006 Season

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Lay Lake
Total Fish Caught: 119
Total Dead Fish: 12
Total Limits: 15
Big Fish:
Total Fish Weight: 205.09

Total Year Standings
Total Fish Caught 532
Total Dead Fish 28
Total Limits 16
Big Fish
Total Fish Weight 780.32 lbs
Place Name Fish Weight
1. Brian Metcalf 10 21.33
2. Jere Jaillite 10 21.04
3. Dan Nash 9 18.70
4. John Buck 10 17.05
5. Pete Potter 9 16.79
6. Dave Dyess 8 13.80
7. John Schaeff 8 13.71
8. Kevin Simmons 8 13.53
***Tournament Winner***
Brian Metcalf
10 Fish - 21.33 lbs
Place Name Fish Weight
9. Lee Brannon 8 12.64
10. Ron Fairbanks 7 12.26
11. Mack Cramer 7 11.58
12. John Gesparik 8 9.50
13. Dewayne Kimbro 6 7.58
14. Frank Kelly 5 5.88
15. Ken Repine 4 5.79
16. Mark Churchwell 2 3.91

Pensacola Hawg Hunters
Tournament Report
September 23, 24, 2006

The Hawg Hunters visited Lay Lake in central Alabama for the September tournament. The temps were pleasant, and strong storms preceding a cold front were predicted. The surface temp was in the low 80’s, and skies varied from heavy cloud cover to high blues as small frontal waves passed through. Water was very clear in the lower lake and was more stained the further up the lake you went. Each morning started with relatively calm winds which increased greatly throughout the day. We had 16 fishermen out to find the fish.

My partner was John Schaeff. Schaeff and I have been friends for many years but have not fished together in at least 10 years. We knew that we’d have a good time even if the fish weren’t biting as each of us have many old fishing and hunting stories to share. We started out in the lower lake area and found fish ready to eat horny toads. I had a limit the first day by 8:45 and John just couldn’t get the hook ups. He missed the first 7 or 8 strikes he had. As the sun rose we switched to a black worm with a chartreuse tail and he put 4 in the boat. Most of our fish came on the grass edges in about 3-4 feet of water which quickly dropped to 10-15 feet. We caught fish all day long and I was able to cull several before we headed in.
When we got to the weigh in we found that everyone had fish to weigh.

Day one results were Brian Metcalf in 1st with a limit weighing 14.08 lbs. Pete Potter in 2nd with five weighing 11.19 lbs. and daily lunker at 3.81 lbs. In 3rd was Jere Jailitte with a limit at 10.42 lbs. 4th place was Dan Nash with 4 fish at 10.27 lbs. I was clinging to 5th with 10.14 lbs.

Saturday night brought some heavy rain and Sunday morning it literally flooded before the blast off and again for about an hour around 7:30 am. However the rain didn’t stop the fish from biting. Where Schaeff and I had largemouths on Saturday they were replaced by spots on Sunday.
Schaeff was able to hook up early on a buzz bait and then on a spinner bait. My fish came on a white fluke and a black/chartreuse worm,
While I did finally manage a small limit Schaeff beat me with four nice spots.
Again all our fish came from grass edges and from an occasional piece of wood.

At the scales Schaeff had 8.47 lbs and climbed to 7th place with a total of 13.71n lbs. Brian Metcalf was not to be denied as he brought in a small limit at 7.25 for a total wt. of 21.33 lbs, good enough for the win. Jere Jailitte jumped into 2nd with a pretty bag weighing 10.62 for a total of 21.04 lbs. Dan Nash moved up to 3rd with 5 fish @ 8.43 lbs and a total of 18.70 lbs. I moved to 4th with my small limit @ 6.01 lbs for a total weight of 17.05 lbs. Dave Dyess had the lunker @ 4.04 lbs.

Most of the fish came on soft plastics, junebug finesse and black/chartreuse worms, flukes, and spinner baits.
Most fish were found near the grass edges or on wood.

This has to be one of the best tournaments the Hawg Hunters have ever had. Even though there were no really big fish there were numerous 3 lbers at the scales. With a total weight of over 205 lbs we had an average wt. per fisherman of over 12 lbs. If only all the tournaments were this good! Next month is our yearly fish-off and it will be on the Appalachicola River. Make you plans now to be there. It’s another site that has the potential to produce large numbers as well as large fish.


Til next time…KeepYour Hooks Sharp!

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