John Buck
John's Club Report
Covering The Pensacola Hawg Hunters
2006 Season

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Founded In 1975

Tensaw River
Total Fish Caught 45
Total Dead Fish 0
Total Limits 4
Big Fish
Total Fish Weight 61.40 lbs

Total Year Standings
Total Fish Caught 45
Total Dead Fish 0
Total Limits 4
Big Fish
Total Fish Weight 61.40 lbs
Place Name Fish Weight
1. Jim Bailey Sr 5 7.50
2. Dave Dyess 5 6.30
3. Neil Springstead 5 5.60
3. Brian Metcalf 5 5.60
5. Pete Potter 4 4.80
6. Mack Cramer 4 4.40
6. Tony Boyette 3 4.40
8. Jeff Weaver 3 4.20

*** Tournament Winner ***
Jim Bailey Sr
5 Fish - 7.50 lbs

Big Fish Winner
Ken Repine

Also Fished

John Gasparak - Lee Brannon
Randy Cole - Dewayne Kimbro
Jere Jaillite
Place Name Fish Weight
9. Fred Raby 2 3.70
10. Ken Repine 1 3.10
11. John Buck 2 2.90
12. Frank Kelly 2 2.50
12. Ron Fairbanks 2 2.50
14. C J Garrison 1 2.10
15. Dan Nash 1 1.80

NOVEMBER 19, 2005

November brought the Hawg Hunters a number of "firsts" for the club. The first tournament of the season was on the Tensaw River out of Cliff's landing. The morning was cool (Jim Bailey won!) with temps in the low 30's.
Skies were
partly cloudy to clear and we had a consistent north wind all day. The tide was falling throughout the day and the water level was extremely low with a heavy stain in most areas. (Jim Bailey won!) This was also the first time our club has fished here since hurricanes Dennis, Katrina and Rita. There are definitely some changes in the lower delta area, mainly the lack of grass and some heavy siltation in a few areas.

As I mentioned earlier, there were a number of "firsts" at this outing. For me it was the first time that I have ever fished with Frank Kelly out of his boat. We had a very enjoyable time fishing together even though we didn't catch the fish we had hoped for. Frank did a great job handling the boat (Jim Bailey won!) and was very good in positioning it for the two of us to have good casting opportunities.
We started out in McReynolds and by mid-morning had
only a few small fish to show for our efforts.
I think one (Jim Bailey won!) keeper between the
two of us. Near midday we left and ran to Red Creek where
we met the proprietor and owner in residence of the creek, Neil Springstead, who was vigorously protecting the back half mile of his creek from encroachment of other boats. This was a first also, but at least there was not a cable across the water. Not wanting to be too confrontational with a property owner, we turned around and started fishing back toward the mouth of the creek. We managed to pick up about 4-5 fish each but only a couple of keepers. We each wound up with 2 keepers each for the day. (Jim Bailey won!)
Even though the fishing was tough Frank and I did have a good time fishing together and swapping stories.

At the weigh-in there were also several firsts. Lee Brannon, our newly elected tournament director, earned a nomination for the slammer when he got the scales ready for the weigh-in only to remember that he had forgotten to charge them the night before, and they were dead. Thanks to Fred Raby for loaning Lee a hand held digital scale to use for the tournament. (Jim Bailey won!) Lee was also the first to use a megaphone at blast-off and still remain unheard. The fishing had proved to be tough for just about all the fishermen. A few found fish down low, but those who went north basically had empty live wells. Most fish were caught in the lower delta on plastic worms and crank baits.

Newly elected club secretary CJ Garrison took most of the good natured ribbing in stride during his "first" time as a tournament official. CJ, it only gets better from here! Tony "Fish River" Boyette managed to keep anyone from drawing the yellow golf ball. Tony, just keep on doing the draw the same way for a few more tournaments and then let me get the yellow golf ball. All things considered the tournament ran pretty smoothly for the new club officials.

There was a tie for 3rd place between the proprietor of Red Creek, Neil Springstead and Brian Metcalf.
They each had a small limit of fish. Second
place was grabbed by Dave Dyess. Ken Repine took lunker honors with a monster weighing 3.1 lbs. And certainly the biggest first of the day was...
He came in with a limit of bass weighing about 7.5 lbs. to take his FIRST-EVER tournament win!
Way to go Jim, you had a good bag of fish on a tough day.

Our next tournament will be on the Escambia River on December 17. Both the tournament and the monthly meeting have been moved up a week because of the holidays.
Hope to see you there.

'Til next time*.Keep your hooks sharp.

Creek Chub
Oh Yeah, I almost forgot*..JIM BAILEY WON!!!!!