John Buck
John's Club Report
Covering The Pensacola Hawg Hunters
2005 Season

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Founded In 1975

Tensaw River
Total Fish Caught 51
Total Dead Fish 0
Total Limits 6
Big Fish
Total Fish Weight 75.05 lbs

Total Year Standings
Total Fish Caught 249
Total Dead Fish 0
Total Limits 23
Big Fish
Total Fish Weight 393.35 lbs
Place Name Fish Weight
1. Ron Fairbanks 5 12.35
2. Mitch Gardner 5 9.10
3. Pete Potter 5 7.90
4. John Buck 5 7.45
5. Jim Bailey Sr 5 6.40
6. Ken Repine 5 5.95
7. Stacy Blackburn 4 4.45
8. Fred Raby 3 3.80

*** Tournament Winner ***

Ron Fairbanks
5 Fish - 12.35 lbs

Also Fished
Charles Cetti, Frank Kelly
Dan Nash, Terry Smith, Jeff Weaver
Place Name Fish Weight
9. John Schaeff 3 3.75
10. C. J. Garrison 3 3.35
11. Lee Brannon 3 3.05
12. Rich Renner 3 3.00
13. Dewayne kembro 2 1.80
14. Jere Jaillite 1 1.50
15. Neil Springstead 1 1.20

MARCH 19, 2005

With springtime in the air and with some decent water conditions for a change, ten boats and 20 fishermen headed for the Tensaw Delta for our monthly tournament. Weather was mild temps, basically south winds, and an
incoming tide. Water temps in the bays ranged from 57-61 degrees.
River water was stained but the creeks and lakes off the river were mostly clear.

Stacey Blackburn and I drew out as partners and decided to fish the Bay Minette area. It was close and basically provided the type of water and cover we wanted to fish. We started throwing spinner baits and within the first
half hour I had a 2.85 and a 2 lber. in the boat. We really thought we were on to something*.Yeah right! Just as quickly as they bit they quit. We knew that the fish were still in the area so we decided to stay with them*ie.
"don't leave fish to find fish". We started dragging worms along the grass edge and Stacey put a keeper in the boat. A short time later we spooked a large bass in about 4 inches of water. We returned to the spot about 45 minutes later and Stacey hooked up with a 4-5 lb bass only to lose it on the second jump.

Shortly after that we were greeted by Blinky Springstead and his partner Sandbar Brannon.
After a brief conversation full of lies about how
many fish they were catching, they left. As they rounded the bend a hundred yards away, I hooked up with a keeper. We could still hear their motor running when Stacey hooked up. Short story, we caught about 6-8 fish in about 25 minutes. Then they quit again. Boy was I glad Blinky and Sandbar left when they did because we caught 'em right under where their boat was sitting. We basically struggled for bites for the rest of the day. Stacy did land another keeper about 2:30 on a white spinner bait.
In the end I had a limit and Stacey had 4

There was a surprisingly good number of limits (6) at the scales. Mostly small buck bass and no real toads to show. I want to mention something I thought I'd never see*a Connecticut Yankee learning how to catch Tensaw bass. Ron Fairbanks brought in 5 nice bass to the scales that weighed 12.35 lbs to get the win! His biggest fish a 3.25 lber took lunker. He said he caught them as his partner Sleepy Hollow Weaver napped throughout the day.
Congratulation on the win Ron! In the 2nd place slot was Mitch Gardner with 5 good fish weighing 9.10 lbs. Pistol Pete Potter was third with a limit weighing 7.90 lbs.
managed to squeak into 4th place with a limit weighing 7.45 lbs.

Almost all of the fish were caught near or in the grass. Ron caught
his fish in McReynold's but most of the others caught their fish in the southern end of the delta. Spinner baits and plastic worms were the main baits of choice.
Spinner bait colors white and white/chartreuse. Green pumpkin and june bug were the main worm colors that produced. If we don't get another hard cold spell and no heavy rains the fishing should be good in the delta for several more weeks.

Our next tournament is a two day event at Lake Martin out of Wind Creek State Park. Lake Martin is one of my favorite fisheries and as a club we have done very well there in past times. We'll also have a cook out on Saturday
evening. Make your plans to attend the meeting and fish the tournament and take part in the fun and fellowship.

During the spring when many fish are caught off the bed, take extra care to handle them gently and carefully release them so they may complete a successful spawn.
Also, now is a good time to take care of spring maintenance
needs on your boat and fishing gear.
A little time and money invested now can
save you even more time and money later.

"til next time*Keep Your hooks sharp!
Creek Chub