John Buck
John's Club Report
Covering The Pensacola Hawg Hunters
2005 Season

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Founded In 1975

Miller's Ferry
Total Fish Caught 31
Total Dead Fish 0
Total Limits 1
Big Fish
Total Fish Weight 109.25 lbs

Total Year Standings
Total Fish Caught 463
Total Dead Fish15
Total Limits 49
Big Fish
Total Fish Weight 652.45 lbs
Place Name Fish Weight
1. Ron Fairbanks 4 7.00
2. Brian Metcalf 5 6.45
3. Neil Springstead 3 4.55
4. Dave Dyess 3 4.25
5. Frank Kelly 1 3.55
6. Guest 2 3.35
7. Tony Boyette 3 3.25

*** Tournament Winner ***

Ron Fairbanks
5 Fish - 10.80 lbs

Also Fished:
Ken Repine, Charles Cetti,
Jeff Weaver, Mitch Gardner,
Jere Jaillite, Dewayne Kembro
Place Name Fish Weight
8. Rich Carnelius 2 2.85
9. Fred Raby 2 2.80
10. Walter McCartney 2 2.25
11. Lee Brannon 1 1.70
12. John Buck 1 1.50
13. Terry Smith 1 1.15
14. Rich Renner 1 1.00

JUNE 18, 2005

TThe Hawg Hunters found moderate weather for the June tourney. We had 19 members and 1 guest fishing. Morning temps were in the low 70’s rising to near 90 by mid-day. We had cloud cover for several hours in the morning with a steady drizzle. You’d have thought the fish would be jumping in the boat…yeah right!
The river was high with a heavy stain but clearer water could be found in the back of some lakes and creeks..

Terry Smith and I paired up for the day and sought the elusive fish in the lower delta regions, mainly one mile creek and three mile creek. We found good water in the back of them but the fish didn’t bite well. We did manage to catch several grinnel and warmouths to go with our 2 keeper bass. Very pitiful, but hey, it was late June on the delta. We enjoyed the day but we were both glad to see the summertime weigh in at 2PM.
We managed to get our only hits from
small Paca Craws in summer craw color.

At the weigh in the results were frightful especially in comparison to the last several months. Only 2 guys weighed in more than 3 fish and 6 fellows didn’t have a fish to show! However a couple of folks did find the right tickets.
The darn “Connecticut Yankee” Ron Fairbanks kicked butt again! Boy if he ever learns to eat grits and catfish we’ll really be in trouble. He’s puttin’ a hurtin’ on those of us who are sort of proud to claim a “redneck heritage” and proudly exclaim “git ‘er done” when our team wins a game. If we can wean him off the “Rut Beah”(root beer), and get him on some real stuff like a “Bud” we won’t feel as we’ve been beat by a Yank! Ron had 4 fish weighing 7.00 lbs to win. Brian Metcalf had a limit weighing 6.45 to take 2nd place. Neil Springstead had 3 fish to take 3rd place with 4.55 lbs and Dave Dyess took 4th place with 3 fish weighing 4.25 lbs. The lunker (3.55 lbs) was caught by Frank Kelly.

We didn’t really have any real mishaps that could qualify anyone for a Slammer nomination.
Dwayne Kimbro made it back on time, but then he wasn’t fishing
with Bailey Sr. One good thing was that we didn’t have any dead fish. That’s great especially in the hot weather. Thanks guys for taking care of the fish.

Our next tournament is on the beautiful Blackwater River in Milton Florida. We had our July tournament there last year and only 5 guys weighed in fish. July is tough enough as it is.
Why do we keep shooting ourselves in the foot?

Maybe I’ll just try some of that Yankee “Rut Beah”…..maybe if I soak a few worms in it …mmmm…

Til next time…Keep your hooks sharp!!
Creek Chub